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    If you cannot give the required time for a work, then don't give it even a little time.

    Some people make a new purpose for themselves every day, and new desires come into their minds on the next day, and there is no stagnation or stability for them. If you have decided that you want to crack the exam of IAS, then you have to give the required time and hard work for its entire preparation, only then you will be successful. If you give up in 1 or 2 months, then you completely wasted your 2 months.

    Being very careful in choosing the career or any work in life, consider all the parameters first, then only take a decision and give sufficient time and efforts for that task. If you cannot do this, then it is useless to give even 5 minutes to that work, because likewise, by giving 5 minutes repeatedly, you waste precious time of your life.
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    True. If you are not completing the work and leaving in between, it is as good as not doing. The time spend on that activity is waste only. That way the author is correct and it is better not to start if you feel you can not complete.
    Make a determined effort to be successful in your deeds. Then only we will feel that we have utilised our time properly. Many people start working on an issue without making any preparatory work. After going to some extent they will start thinking and may leave there. In this process a lot of their energy is wasted.
    Even while travelling to an unknown destination also we should make sufficient research and decide on the route. Otherwise we may have to waste a lot of time I enquiring about the path in between the way. Sometimes we have to come back and go in a different route if we never do that necessary pre preparatory work.

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    I agree with the author that once we have taken any work in our hands we should not stop until the work is completed. Leaving the work in the middle is sheer waste of time , energy , money and resources which were invested in the work. Those students or young boys or girls who are preparing for any examination or competition they should devote their time and energy in full seriously. When the matter is of career negligence , dullness or wasting time will not bring good result. The author has given the example of a person who is pursuing IAS examinations he should devote himself to preparation for preliminary examination. If he doesn't give full time to his study he can't pass in this examination and when he cannot complete prelim he can't go for descriptive examination. He needs well thought planning and he should go as per his planning to achieve his goal.
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    The author has raised an important post which deal with lesser time given to task and work when it actually need more time and detailed action spanning over the period of time. Whether it is the home or office, every work needed time and evaluation so that perfect after decisions can be taken. If so many dishes are ordered and each member of the family need to taste differently then the mother should be given time to prepare. Likewise whether regular exam or the competitive tests, it needs detailed reference and studies so that the preparations goes well and as per the expectations for best results.
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    Time is the essence of everything in our lives and a proper distribution of time for our activities is very much crucial and determines the overall progress and success of our endeavours. Many people attend various things half heartedly and do not complete them and jump to another. This is a weakness of the mind and lack of concentration and the individual is only going to lose by such activities. It is very necessary that a job is to taken up seriously and is to be completed may be not in one sitting but it has to be concluded then only the real worth of the hard labour behind it is realised. Many people are capable of doing multiple jobs at a time. There is no problem in doing that but the real thing is to take all of them to their logical conclusions. A job which is attended half way is a big waste of the manpower and facilities and is an unhealthy way of attempting tasks.
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