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    Promotion of tourism in national parks, right or wrong?

    With the enactment of the Wildlife Protection Act, national parks in reserved forests of various states across the country are divided into different zones based on human activities, besides steps to curb outdoor activities under Project Tiger and other schemes. Presently, In Madhya Pradesh there are six National Parks are associated with Project Tiger. In such a situation, on one side we are trying to conserve this wildlife, on the other hand, we are also promoting tourism. There is no doubt that tourism plays an important role in our economic growth, but is it not affecting the wildlife? There are many more beautiful places in our country for tourism. But because tourists also have more inclination towards those national parks where tiger projects are applicable. Doesn't this kind of human activity violate the privacy of animals? Members, please share your views.
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    There are two aspect of  topic:

    - Protection of wild life

    - Income from this protected wild life area.

    The purpose of these places is to protect different species that are endangered species or are close to extinction. Tiger and lion and similar other family animals have been declared as endangered species. Tiger is given preference because of it being the national animals ,else other similar wild animals are also being killed by hunters illegally.

    These animals are free to mo've in these park as they live in jungle. These parks are basically jungle which demarcated from rest of the jungle.

    People want to see these wild animals so concerned department make arrangement for tourists and wild life lovers. They may visit these parks by paying fee. They are provided vehicles and secruity guards/guides to roam the jungle. In this way government earns the money from these tourist activities . This is a flourishing business.

    The author has asked this question whether human interference in wild life be permitted or not. I think there is nothing wrong if people visit these park. However, hunting should nevery be tolerated.

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    It is the fact that we are interested and get attracted towards animals and their world and some designated national parks are the best place to visit and know about their habitat and living habits. But what the author has raised is the important question as to why the very life of animals be disturbed with humans being frequented to their habitat and disturb their living often. Tourism is the earning Industry and in the name of showing the natural moments of animals the government try to cash on the popularity of the places but never gave a thought as to it will surely disturb the animals very often.
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    I don't see any problem with this. No restrictions for the moments of these animals. But people are allowed to go in the vehicles there and see them and come back. They can't feed the animals. This is a much better arrangement than keeping the animals closed and allowing the people to wander freely in the Zoos. These animals will get accustomed to the situation and they live happily and there will not be any problem. Their health issues also will be taken care of by the staff there. I think. Tourism development is very important for the economical growth of the country. So that also should not be ignored.
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