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    Self-reliance is your greatest strength.

    Be self-reliant, I have heard most of my elders saying this since childhood, and also learned the same by the time and situation that, it is very important to be self-reliant. But in this thread, I mean the self-reliance that is attached to our emotions. Such dependence where we become so much dependent on others that we need them for the smallest work and if that person or thing is not available on time then all the negative emotions revolve in the mind simultaneously, anger, sorrow, crying, shouting, etc. By the way, if the person wants, in today's time he will not have to depend on any other person for any work, technology is very helpful in this. But still, some relationships are such that there is dependence on each other by nature, which is also right to some extent. But do not increase your dependence on anyone too much that you will be troubled in the future, so take more steps to make yourself as self-reliant as possible.
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    Yes, Madam. This is actually called Emotional Intelligence in Applied Behavioral Sciences. If you are interested, you can read the books written by Daniel Goleman. Please do note, this is not the usual positive thinking stuff, an overdose of which is already there in our society.

    Emotional Intelligence is the art of being and becoming totally in control of our emotions, even in the most difficult of circumstances. It should be noted that our emotions are often caused due to environmental influences. This happens due to peer pressure as well. Daniel Goleman has given several examples in this book. You can also Google emotional intelligence to get to know the basics. I now understand that you also have several YouTube videos in English on the subject.

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    Yes, we need to check our emotions since being over emotional will spoil both your time and planning. However, it is not easy to control our emotions without a self - practice. Once you implement this in your habit, your success rate will naturally improve in all the assignments you undertake. It is the nature of human beings to be dependent to their close colleagues while doing any job jointly and this creates the plateform of sharing the emotions jointly apart from carrying out the jobs with the mutual co- operations. If there is any deviation in the job schedule due to absence of any partner, we become really frustrated due to settings of negative emotions. Then anger, frustrations, sorrow will set in our temperament and hence due care has to be taken to control these emotions to progress in lives.

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    Self reliance is to be achieved at the earliest. It changes life completely. When one has self reliance finncially, he can take his decision and can sort out things as per his volition. People depending on others are like a burden on them. Some young boys become a big burden on their parents. They donot work properly and donot support their family. It creates unhealthy ambience in their families. These young boys waste their time and energy in useless activities. Sometimes, these young boys get spoilt because of plethora of love of their parents. They don't change themselves.

    As a child everyone depends on his parents especially on mother for every small things. Children leave their books, notebooks, pen, pencil anywhere, but when he needs his pen he will ask his mother where his pen is. It happens with all  of us . We too much depend on our mother but after certain age we should stand on our feet and It is obligatory on all young boys to give their parents the best and comfortable life.

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    We have grown enough to lead a self reliant phase of life and we should not depend on even small information or favor from some one. By virtue of our exposure and experience with many in the past, present and in future, we must be making our self more reliant and trusted not to depend on anyone. Self reliant does not mean we must be wealthy and keep the options open for taking the right decision at right time. Self reliant is the confident level of the person to take on anything and tackle everything and that comes when the flow of actions would be in tandem with the flow of requirements.
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    Depending too much on somebody is a real curse. I used to drive a car during my 30s,40s and 50s. But after that, I slowly reduced driving. Now I depend on somebody to go out. Sometimes I feel bad for it. I engaged a driver because of my work and profession at that time. Now the traffic in Hyderabad is so bad that I never feel like driving a car in that traffic. So my planning of work has some dependency. Of course, getting a driver is not a big problem these days. But dependency is dependency only.
    It is always better to be self-reliant. We should not go to others for small issues also, My mother in law used to make some homemade remedies for small health problems and never visited an Ayurvedic doctor also. She lives for 85 years without any health issue and finally without any serious problems she demised. Such lives are really great.
    I have seen some people who depend more on others even for small things. That is never advisable. Others will take advantage of such a situation.

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    @ABSivaKumar: Thanks for sharing information about Emotional Itelligence. These terms and studies come from western world because of their life style, social environment , emotional detachment with blood-relations also. They are alone in their respective lives. They can't emotionally dependent on others as it is normal for them . Indian social environment offers different properties in homely relations. We are emotionally attach to our roots and we can not exterminate these attached emotions with our parents, siblings, friends and relatives. How to use our emotions in our daily life we learn it mainly by experience as well as the guidance of our parents who understand us better and help us how to cope up realities of life in contrast with the western society where a young person stays alone and finds it difficult to deal with realities of life. He takes all these things through professionals guidance, perhaps this is why all these terms come out from there. However, these studies will definitely benefit all the people regardless of which region, country and social environment he belongs to.
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