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    Premium brands are really good in terms of quality

    At Chennai, there is an outfit called Grand Sweets at Adayar. Today, they have several branches. The snack items are made of the purest oil and rich quality inputs. They come in various forms and shapes. The sweets are very good too. Yes, one kilo might cost Rs.800 to Rs.900 but the quality is so good that you never have to visit the doctor after you consume these snacks and sweets. So, if we spend more, the premium brands do delight us.

    Of course, premium consumer durables are also very good. For example, to solve the leak in the jet used in the restroom, I changed only the knob with the product from a brand called Jaquar. This is fabulous. The cost: Rs.450/-. But it is worth the money.

    Hence, it is fine to invest in these "peace of mind" products of high quality rather than buying low-quality products for the sake of saving some money.
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    I have observed in some other posts also that the author is fond of eating good and tasty food/sweets/snacks. In this thread he has praised some outlets and their products . He has fully advertised their products and invites all members who live in that area or are planning to visit there they may also enjoy these delicious stuff. Sweets and snacks have been introduced with their tag price which according to him are worth eating.
    But in the last paragraph he has written kind of investment. Does he mean to say- spending our money on consumption or Does he mean to say that members should buy their shares?

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    it is the fact that premium items and brands comes with rich price tags and we the people of India are not that rich to taste good items and good products the double the cost. For example the road side road vendor prepares Idly and chutney in front of our eyes and serves them hot from the stove and that costs merely twenty to thirty rupees with three kinds of chutneys. And the same Idly prepared sometime in the morning and heated when ordered and then served with decorated plate and chutney obviously decorated with thadka and we get bowled by the server serving the same after twenty minutes wait and finally a bill is handed over for eighty rupees and the waiter would stand for his tips and thus we invariably pay 60 rupees extra in the name of branded hotel and get into the trouble of food poisoning later. And in the name premium chain they get into fooling the public.
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    It may be true in some stores and brands. But in terms of quality many stores are keeping alarming price. This is not digestible, according to me. One day I was planning to get some vegetables for a small function fixed on the next day, in our home. We, I and my wife planned to go in the evening. But in the morning a street vendor came with fresh ladies finger (only ladies finger-cart full) selling at 20 rupees per kilo. Vegetable found good in quality, my wife bought two kilos. Evening as she insisted for good quality we went to nearby grand store where we can get fruits and vegetables. We selected all we want and at last we have seen ladies finger casually and shocked to see the price. The price they mentioned 85 rupees per kilo. Though they supply by cleaning, is this the level charging. Are we don't deceived in the name of Quality?

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    It is not true in all the cases. We all know Bata is branded for footwear. We are ready to buy from there even though the cost is high. Earlier those products were given 6 months guarantee and now it is reduced to 3 months. I purchased Bata footwear and used it. The usage is limited even then I couldn't use it for more than 6 months. Then I purchased a similar item made by a local brand in Hyderabad. I used it and I found no difference and I used it for almost 2 years without any problem. So it is more a feeling that branded items will be of good quality. But if you go around and do some research you will find a good quality product made locally which will cost you almost half the price of the same item from a branded house.
    I have seen in South India many cities are famous for some special sweet items and whenever we visit those cities we will try to take some items from those shops. Sivarama Sweets of Visakhapatnam are also very famous in that city and if we happened to visit that city we should never miss tasting that shop.

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    The difference between normal product and a premium product is only due to the difference of quality and durability. There is a reason as why premium products are costlier and the reason is that while manufacturing them the companies keep a stringent control on quality. They follow the principle of the six-sigma where not a single error in the final product is tolerated. This costs money and same is to be then included in the prices.
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