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    The soft gesture of a mother

    It was pitch dark outside. Even the moonlight was not there. Mother came downstairs from the kitchen on the first floor. She was a very cautious and alert lady. After the early death of her husband she was managing the show with the help of the grain crop which was just sufficient for one year till the new crop was ready. Her elder son Nitya was doing high school and she hoped that he would get a job after that and then things would be better. She had three sons and two daughters. It was a big family but as they had some resources in the village like vegetable garden and fruit trees and some paddy fields in a nearby village so they were able to survive the odds. Only problem was money which they did not have and paying school fee was the biggest challenge. One of the late father's cousin sometimes helped the family for school fee and with that they were somehow surviving. There was no electricity and kerosine lamp was used for lighting.

    India was under British regime at that time and independence movements were going on indicating that India may get independence in the next 1-2 years. There were job opportunities but one had to qualify at least High School after which only many clerical options were available in various offices in the nearby town. All the top positions were held by the Britishers and it was hoped that once India gets independence, more positions will be created and job opportunities would increase.

    Mother opened the door and peeped outside. The wind was blowing slowly and noiselessly. Crickets were chirping. She tried to see through the dark but no speck of torchlight seen which Nitya often carried with him. Nitya had gone to the other village that day where some work in paddy fields was there. Whenever some work was there either the Mother or Nitya had to go to attend it. Normally, they returned to house by 9 PM and it was already quarter past nine and there was no sign of Nitya. It was time to go to bed and Mother closed the door and kept it unlocked from inside. She went into her room and came back with a candle and matchbox and kept it on the small rack just near the main door. She never forgot to keep it when Nitya was late. Nitya knew that mother will keep it ready for him so that he simply lights it and then enters the kitchen and other rooms easily. It was a silent and soft gesture from the mother which always helped Nitya in the night whenever he reached late.

    I have used the pair photo by Mallela and this is my entry for the photo challenge creative writing contest Part-2.
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    It is a well written short story. I found it interesting but some questions are lingering on.
    - During pre independence era people could get a government job after 8th class of clerical post but the young boy Nitya was doing school and expecting to get a clerical job after passing high school. Why he did not try to get a good job to support his family.
    - Why they used to work so late- till 9 p.m. Reality is that during that age people would return their home after sun set. What was the work which was to be completed by 9 p.m.?
    - It was just 15 minutes over why the mother did not keep light on, instead she placed candle and match box for her son.
    - The mother is consisered as affectionate but here she did not bother to cook the food for her son after his arrival, instead she had already cooked food for him.

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    The author has chosen the heading as the best giving tribute to the mother and motherhood. No body can match the motherly touch and motherly feelings . The story was inspiring and though has some setbacks of not narrating well the author has created an impact.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I read one Tamil story. A man who stays alone in a city for employment sake wanted to to his mother who is in a village. As covid situation prevails he have no work, no transport. So he decided to go to the village by walk, though it would take five days. After moving ten kilo meter he found his water container gone empty and he felt tired and turn back to his house. When he reached the house at midnight he saw somebody lied at the entrance covered with sari. He put his mobile light and found that was his mother. He amidst tears told his situation. Mother replied,'son I was worried much on you about your health in this critic situation, so came here by walking, it would taken a weeks time'. With tears he took her inside.

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    The mother kept the candle and matchbox near the entrance and not bolted the door inside. She knows that his son will come a little late. It is good but I feel she ignored safety and security a little. Anyhow it is an individual's choice. The soft gesture of the mother might have gone a little deep.
    The author narrated the story will and the love of the boy for the family is shown very well.

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    Nice to find that you have gone so deeply in the story. Yes, these questions coming in your mind are natural only. Right now, obviously, I cannot clarify the points but once this contest is over I would try to write part-2 of this story in a separate post and I think that I will be able to explain all the points there. Hope and thank you for bearing with me till then.

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    The soft gesture of the mother is nicely shown by the writer. The way, mother understands his children, the way she cares and even knows what he/she would need. Every mother has the power of understanding the needs of every family member, from parents to husband, children, and even guests. She takes care of everyone accordingly.

    In the story, the child often comes late from work, and the mother understanding the need of the hour keeps a candle and a match-box at the entrance so that his son may not disturb others yet is able to make his way and fulfill his personal needs.

    We know that even if we grow to become an adult, we are still a child in the eye of our parents and thus they always have a concern for us. They scold, but will always see that we complete our daily needs before they could have theirs. Let us understand this and try to love our parents and give them everything that they wish for and keep them happy always.

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    The author, very beautifully relates a mother's affection, concern, care to her child through his thread. A mother is not able to have as many relationships as she can think and feel about her child. This does not mean that there is a lack of love in other relationships, the mother's love for her child is natural. It is true that the mother understands her child's mind without saying it, as the author's story also proves this.
    Swati Sharma

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    There is nothing which can be compared with the selfless love and affection of a mother. The love of a mother is pious and clear like a diamond crystal. It does not require to be acknowledged. It does not require any accolades or return for it. It is the inherent nature of a mother. If food is less the mother will first offer to her children and then only take if anything is left there.
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    In a family if four members are staying and one person is absent while having dinner, the mother would not eat until the member comes and she would even forgo her share if the food is short.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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