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    Value addition to an utility makes it more acceptable.

    Bed and pillow together makes an utility to the bedroom, which is the basic part of the room.
    It is the only place of taking rest for the body, tired at the end of the day's work. It is our night companion and shows us the rising sun of the dawn and motivate our actions in the recklessness of the new day. It is a place to remind us all of the sweets & bad memories, a starting place for dreams of life. A place where a child is growing since birth.
    Apart from bedroom it is essentially denoting it's responsibility at the first aid room in schools, sick room in offices, emergency room to general bed in the hospital, dispensary etc. All the patients recovered slowly from staying on it. Since birth to death we can not go without it.

    On the other side it is a value addition to a bedroom which play a vital role in increasing the value and usefulness of the house property in case of sales of property business. It also meets the practical and suitable needs of the customers or buyers.
    So the utility pairs "bed and pillow" together is intimately connected with everyone's life in the society.

    1).I have taken the utility pairs of Varghese #725243.
    2).It is my entry to the writing contest -2.
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    The author has taken this topic quite nicely. Bed is a place where someone rests after being tired because of day's work. A tired  person needs to prop his body on a bed, pillow although is a necessary part of the bed yet important factor which is essential to use bed is sound sleep. If you don't have sound sleep no costly bed will give you relief from tiredness. I have seen people lying on the concrete pavement along the roads having sound sleep without any bed, sheets, mat, mattress and pillow but they sleep calmly . I have also seen rickshaw pullers asleep on rickshaw.

     You may also notice a watchman may be caught asleep on his chair. He has no bed no pillow , even he Does not lie on ground . The important aspect of this issue is that the person has sound sleep regardless the spot or place where he falls.

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    I feel no bed and pillow are required when we really feeling sleepy. Yesterday our family went out to spend some time. We started early and carried some food with us. We spread mats in an open place where a good air breeze is there. We played some games, then had our food. My brother told us that still there is some time for going boating. Then just a laid down on the mats there and within no time I was in deep sleep. There is no bed and pillow there. But as I felt tired I went to sleep immediately. After some time my wife woke me up saying that it is time for boating.
    The author explained the importance of pillow and bed in the bedroom and how they add value to the bedroom. Good narration.

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    I feel, though we call bed and pillow a utility pair, it is not an all time requirement. A bed can be used without a pillow, and a pillow can be used without a bed. Pillow can be used on the floor, or a charpoy or a bed sheet. A bed can be used with a hand support as a pillow.
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    The utility pair chosen by the writer is well explained as it is a much-needed thing for a good sleep. As some of the members have said that we can sleep on the pavement, floor, mat, chair, bus, etc but for a good sleep, a bed and pillow are a must. There is always a second thought that even if we don't have the right tool, we can manage to complete the activity as, without electricity, we can use solar or inverters for the time being, without gas, we can use electric burner or wood, without chakla, we can use the marble floor, etc but if we have, it gives the best effect. In the same way, even though we can sleep without a bed and a pillow, but good sleep will be achieved only when we feel comfortable and relaxed and that is when we sleep on our bed with a pillow.
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    The author has given a good description of the utility required for sleep in the thread, there is no doubt that the most important thing to sleep is to have a sleep value but at the same time when we get a comfortable bed, we will Sleep better. It is true that only a good bed is not enough to sleep, for that it is equally important to have the mind relaxed from stress. But when a person is extremely tired and gets any bed and pillow, he/she starts to sleep as soon as he/she lies on the bed and a comfortable bed plays an important role in improving sleep.
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