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    Pondering over our faults instead of others

    Nobody is perfect because we are created as imperfect. Actually,We are positioned somewhere between two poles- perfect and imperfect. We start our journey from zero point, furthermore, our intentions, actions, thoughts, preferences,priorities,assumptions etc all titbits define our movement which direction we are moving to. Movement towards right side ,the perfection pole is a bit uphill task . We need more exertion , determination and dedication to move in this direction in contrast with the opposite direction which takes us below zero . It is sloppy and slippery, we float away easily ,effortlessly. As many minus points we gain as much imperfect we are. Such people are flawed , notwithstanding , we put fingers at  others as if we're flawless. Finding faults in others is the easiest deed whereas finding our fault is the toughest deed. Once we start finding our fault all faults of others disappaer because our inner conscience teaches us that you are worse than all. Introspection improves us as a good human being but invariably we are careless of pondering over our shortcomings.
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    Very nice post from the author and the reaction to this thread would be varied and different . It is easy to pinpoint others over their mistakes and even given free lecture for their benefit and reversal of actions. If we point to others only one finger is used and that is pointer finger and thump finger was either kept upward or concealed between the three fingers. And here comes the main observation. The remaining three fingers namely middle, ring and little fingers are pointed towards us and that means we have to take three actions before telling others. That we should have followed that advise gone through the ordeal or the benefit of the the same. That we should be ready to give the alternative or the damage control advise for them to prevent them doing so, and finally we should see that none would attempt the same mistake again.
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    No one is perfect in this world. We have to learn to live with all sorts of people. If we go on finding faults with others, our life becomes difficult. Finding faults with others is a mania. We have to try and see the good in the others. Then mingling with others becomes easy. It is better to have self introspection and develop ourselves than finding faults with others.
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    To accept once own mistake, one should have that guts. To err is human. This point we discussed a number of times. Identifying and magnifying the faults of others is very easy. But every person will be doing mistakes. But we never notice our mistakes. Sometimes we notice but definitely, we will try to downplay the same. Always judge yourselves. Correct yourselves. That will be good for your own life. If you feel that the other person is at fault try to advise him and ask him to get it corrected. But never make it big and try to blame the person. That is not the correct way.
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    Normally we pass our lot of times in criticising others for their mistakes. The mistakes may be of minor nature but some people are in the habit of exaggerating the demerits of others. They will simply waste their times in highlighting the faults of others ignoring their own mistakes. Here there is no end of this story. They would discuss the same thing before the audience and the audience is having enough time to listen to these drawbacks with enough interest.
    We tend to forget the side effects of such loose talks. We may loose even our friends with such criticisms and in that way, we are the ultimate sufferers.

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    A thought provoking post by the author. We are not perfect though in our ignorance we feel that we are the best and we only know everything. We never see our own faults and easily see them in others. Actually what we are seeing in others is our own reflection. It is necessary to view these things in a rational way and if we do that we will be finding the shortcomings from our sides and that would be the point of enlightenment for us and will resolve the doubts and conflicts in our behavioural patterns. We must check and observe our own faults before charging anyone for ones erroneous behaviour or fault.
    Knowledge is power.

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