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    What is the purpose of education - a degree or knowledge?

    Education has a deep impact on human life. When human life is changed it leaves a big impact on this planet too. Education is a natural phenomenon that comes from within. Even a small kid instinctively starts getting an education by observing his family environment. His innocent mind collect all data effortlessly by ambience and aura suffused within four walls. When a small child starts speaking parents get him admitted to a school and thus it starts his journey for education in a formal way. He works hard and keeps progressing in getting an education and eventually having completed his education he gets a good job or settles as a businessman or self-employed etc.

    My intention to start this thread is to know your views about the purpose of education. The question arises as to why we get our child admitted to a school. Do we really want our child to get marks in the progress report or we want to see him as a knowledgeable person? When someone studies in the classroom he gets knowledge however, the level of education varies from student to student. A few years ago the movie three idiots was released in which the hero plays a mockery of the educational system and the general mentality of students that everybody seems to have maximum marks in examinations so that they might get a placement in any good organization. He emphasized that this is a wrong notion and practice of the students, teachers as well as parents. Everybody seems to be involved in the race of getting maximum marks but nobody thinks to learn something new. I totally agree with the message mentioned in the movie.

    Now the question is - Are we running after a degree or Are we interested in having knowledge?<
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    What is the purpose of education is beyond having a degree or the knowledge. Because the society would not give credence and recognition to those without a valid education. And by valid education we mean a degree which would pave a way for concrete step towards securing a job. But unfortunately a mere degree is not enough to score over others to get a job and there needs to be specialization and that comes through acquiring additional knowledge and know how. In this competition world along with education and knowledge another factor is more important and that is push and pull. By push I mean one has to have the recommendations and high connections of known people at various places so that our requirement is made known to others. By pull I mean attracting those who need our services immediate and now.
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    Unfortunately. these days jobs are given only to people who are having degrees only. Even though I have a better understanding of the subject and I can perform well in a job, I will not be eligible for that job. That is why degrees are Important.
    But there is no guarantee that you will get a job with that degree. You have to prove to yourselves that you are suitable stuff for that job. Then only you will be selected for that post. You may have to do well in the written test and other stages so that you will be selected for that post. For this, you should have sufficient knowledge. Just having a degree is not sufficient. As such we require both knowledge and degrees and we should get both with our education.
    Knowledge is not alone for obtaining a job. But it is making our life more meaningful and happy. For this purpose, we need not have any degree but we should have sufficient knowledge.

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    Getting education is a formal way of getting knowledge. Both are inter related. One can be knowledgeable without a formal education and there are many examples like that in the world who did not go to schools but became big entrepreneurs. So though in our system, educational degree has a value because without that the formal recruitment in an organisation would not be possible but it is not necessary that a person has to go to school only for getting knowledge.
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    We know that the education in the keynotes of success in life. Here the education refers value education i,e, to gain standard knowledge through education. The true education will bring you to your aim in life. But in many cases it is seen that one person acquired so many degree against his name that looks he is a most educated persons. There are also many cases where acquiring a degree means to make an entry in the education register to get a job or business. There are various institute offering higher education for earning money from the student. They do not maintaining standard of education norms even but giving a passing certificate. By that certificate a certain class of people doing employment business. All these are a corruption in our society. The author has cited an example of the film three idiots in this regard is very authentic.
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