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    Why we fail to recognize those when they are living ?

    Either in the family, society , state or the national level we fail to recognize the good deeds of the person and try to malign him for one reason or the other and suddenly we start praising him or her with best obituary reactions on the death. Even the state and central govt are also doing the same mistake as they posthumously reward those who has done best to the country. A person always get elated and much motivated when the awards and rewards forth coming during his life and after death those recognition remains on paper and shelf.
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    I am not fully in agreement with the author. Many people are getting recognised when they are alive. How many people are getting every year Padma Sri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan? Many of them are receiving these awards when they are alive only. Of course, some people may be getting these awards after death. This is not due to not recognising the works and merits of the individual. It is mainly due to the government in the centre which is finalising the list.
    When somebody dies, the people should talk about their good deeds. But not a bad deed. That is why when a political leader dies irrespective of his/her affiliation, all party people talk good about that person but they may not mention unnecessary things at that time. This is a good gesture only.

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    In normal life it is very true that some people are not given due respect in their life and after their death they are remembered. Even in families we see that elderly people especially parents are not treated well but after their demise they are missed by family members. Their son who did not stay with their parents nor they helped their old parents but after their death they spend thousands of rupees to feed people.

    The author has pointed out about goernments also. Government confer awards to different famous and talented personalities for their special services to the nation and also those who have unique talent are conferred different awards like Padam Bhushan, Padam Vibhushan,  Rajiv Gandhi award, Arjun award etc even some of the people  are conferred  Bharat Ratn for extraordinary service for the country.

    As far as gallantry awards are concerned mostly they are conferred posthumously.

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    Our country generally recognized a person when he himself does an important works or get recognized by other country. I am not going to give their example here but expressing the fact only. In every fields like sports, entertainment ,literature, politics etc. you can find the personalities of our country who have been contributed a lots for our country but not honored in time by the country. But people always remember them. Sometime may be of political or socio-economical issues they are deprived. But many have duly honored with due respect also.
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