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    Corruption in some schools

    In private sector there is no guarantee of job. Employees don't know when they may be fired by their senior, however, private limited companies are bound to some laws , employees of these companies can't be terminated without following laws.There is legal process to suspend or terminate an employee.

    I don't know much about private companies how they treat their employees but I know about a CBSE school. Its building is very beautiful , facilities to students are also excellent but there is no importance of staff at all. After every 2/3 months new principal takes the charge. Every month several teachers join the school and several teachers leave it. It appears quite bizarre policy of the school management. Education process is also affected. Guardians complain to management but nothing works, this is why there are hardly four hundred students from nursery class to 12th class. I have come to know from several sacked teachers that all teachers are given minimum Rs 30k salary and their salary is directely transferred to their bank account but they have to refund this salary to accountant and they are paid only Rs 5k to 15k as salary by accountant. It was agreed upon salary at the time of interview.
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    Oh my God, a new revelation of corruption of high order has been reported by the author and it is not known to many. I was of the opinion that the frequent change of teachers and principals in CBSE schools was due to mutual transfers agreed upon and even the children are being transferred thanks to the parents shifting their base from place to another. But the way the teachers are treated with no job guarantee and their hard earned salaries are ordered to be parted with commission and then paying a pittance is something to be probed by the CBI on seeing this post.
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    These types of practices were very much existing earlier also where the owner gave less money to the workers but got their signatures and receipt on higher amounts. The owner or the organisation or the institution used that difference of money in any way they liked. For all practical purposes that is a generation of black money and was to be used for certain purposes which cannot be shown on paper. Some clever people might also be pocketing a part of that money as black money has no accounting and whoever is involved in that process owns the responsibilities and enjoys the benefits also. Due to lot of controls and new regulations in tax matters and many financial processes mapped to online, these corrupt practices are becoming more and more difficult to undertake but still as the author has pointed out it might be going on is some of the institutions.
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    This types of corruption were seen in the cinema that the Malik taking signature of the labors on paper and taken back the money by giving a small share to them by forced. But I have quite doubt about the issue in this case. Because all CBSE school are bound to make their accounts audited in every year. All salary payments are made via online RTGS system and the teachers are refunding the money to the accountant in every month. Yes, this may be happen when they refund the money by cash only and the accountant will refund the same to the owner by cash only. And the total money will go as a black money in the hands of the owner. But in the contract form of the teaches their will be a writing notes that their salary will be Rs.5000.00 pm. And audit will identify the discrepancies between pay roll and Rs.5000.00 easily. They will note how the teachers are paying higher money than the contract amount. So it is a matter of doubt case. However if this is correct this will be treated as most criminal corruption.
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    I know that the salaries of many teachers in private schools are less. But I never heard that they have to give back a portion of the money to the management. This is a really bad issue. I have seen many private companies. Nowhere the management will ask the worker to pay back the paid salary. There are some rules and regulations for workers working in private organisations who are covered under the Labour Act. But other employees can be hired any time and can be fired any time as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the appointment letter of the employee. In some companies, I heard that a portion of the salary will be paid as cash to the employee as he can avoid tax on that part of the salary.
    Private schools are collecting heavy fees but they are not paying proper salaries to the staff. A government teacher gets a minimum of Rs.30.000/- per month as of the date of appointment. But a very good school may a maximum of Rs.10.000/- to its teachers.

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    Accountant must have another register for actual salary which is given to them in cash whereas salary amount which is transferred to their bank account should be audited by auditors. There is no such thing as contract for teachers. There is verbal agreement only. However there may be written contract with principal.

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    For saving taxes or taking out money from a fund in illegal ways such corruptors are practiced by the fraudulent people not only in the schools but in various organisations in one way or other. Corruption is such a thing that given an opportunity people normally succumb to it voluntarily. It is a menace in our society but it is there. In spite of legal and supervisory framework these things are done in mysterious ways by the corrupt people.
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    This type of corruption has come to my knowledge for the first time. People's greed for money has increased in such a way that the word honesty is being forgotten from within them. This kind of trick with the teachers who make their future by giving their knowledge. The main objective of some such schools has been made only to gain profit in school business and they do every work for their benefit only.
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