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    Everything has its role in our life.

    There was a tailor. He had a son. Once he was sewing the clothes and his son was keenly watching him. He used to take a piece of a cloth and with a shiny scissors used to cut the cloth in pieces and used to put the scissors in his feet. Then he took a needle and starts sewing the pieces of the cloth and makes a fine trouser. And during the breaks he stuck this needle on to his turban.

    The tailor's son who was watching his father doing his work asked him.

    He said why scissors being costly he has kept them down at his feet and where as the needle which is cheap has been on his head. Why he is giving more importance to needle?.

    Father replied that no doubt scissors is costly, beautiful and shiny but it just cuts the cloth whereas the needle along with the thread unites the pieces of clothes so it's more precious than scissors. The value of the things depend on its utility and not on its appearance.

    No doubt needle and thread have less value than the scissors still no one can take their place . Everything has its function , like scissors cannot work as a needle or vice versa.

    Similarly in our life too every person has his/her own importance. We cannot judge the people by their apperance but by their character or their behaviour .

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    Well done author. Through this story a moral lesson is also learnt by me that scissors play the role of cutting the cloth in to pieces and parting the ways. And the needle unites the cut pieces with the thread and thus it is considered more important of uniting things. Though scissor looks big and even stylish it can only be used to tear and rip apart a cloth to pieces, where as the needle is the small piece which is not even given credence or importance by us and yet performs the great cult of uniting the torn fabric. So the people should done the role of a needle than following the role of the scissor.
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    Everything has a role in our lives and there is always a factor of relative importance when we use them. Even a small item can be of great importance while a costly gadget lies unused. In our house many of us have a habit of keeping the small washers, screws, wires, pins etc in some box and whenever we require something during the repair we search in that box and many times we get it. We do not get exactly what we want but something which can also be used in the place of the damaged screw or things like that and then our problem is solved. So all the small small items in that miscellaneous box might look to us useless and many people throw such garbage out of their houses, but these petty items become useful one day when without going out and searching the part in the market we want to repair something just sitting in the house.
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    Very good attempt from the author. We should give more respect to the people who try to unit people than the people who try to divide the people. A scissors is dividing the cloth but a needle is uniting the cloth. So we respect the needle more.
    A needle is a very small item that can't be easily noticed and the chances of missing are very high. So we should give a proper place and remember where we kept it. Whereas scissors is a big one and we can locate the same from anywhere. So we need not worry about missing this item.

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    This story gives following messages.

    - All things whether small or big have their own places. Nothing is big or small . What a small thing can do a big thing can't do and vice versa.

    - Things are not given importance as per their price or cost ,rather each thing is given importance for its qualities and use.

    - Another important message has been extracted by Mr K.Mohan that scissors cut cloth into pieces where needle and thread join these pieces. Morally those who create unity among masses are entitled for greater reverence and those who create disunity among them can't be honoured.

    - The reason why scissors are placed on The ground whereas needle is placed in turban I think there are two reason a needle is small and light if it is placed somewhere on the ground it may be lost, second - when scissors work has been completed then he will use needle again and again until all pieces are stitched. Another reason is that scissors are heavy so can't be placed in turban.

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    Dr Rao yes needle is small and it may get misplaced but still one can place it anywhere where it may not be lost other than the turban worn on the head of the tailor.

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    The writer has given a good explanation of the two and is right to say that everything has its role in our life. If we want to write something on the board, we need chalk or marker but to erase it, we require an eraser or a duster. Here, the chalk/marker and eraser/duster both play their role. We cannot give more importance to chalk/marker as it helps the teacher to teach or students to learn but the eraser/duster helps the same teacher/student to learn more as they can use the same board for more. In the same way, everything, even though small, less costly or visa-versa plays a big role when it is needed the most.
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