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    Time to consolidate on whatever we have as A

    A couple of my friends are reported to have lost some one lakh rupees each after their disastrous attempt to make money through the stock market. I had advised them to park their funds in a good Mutual Fund with assured returns. They would not listen, calling me "old fashioned". Today, their wives are furious. Sadly, these guys do not know anything about the stock market. Some fellow told them that it is "extremely easy" to invest in the stock market.

    I knew that they were wrong. Those who dabble in it have a background or take the advise of good and knowledgeable person. Today is the time when we need to consolidate on our savings. We need to control our expenses. One guy, with just five years of service left, wants to go on a tour. He has already lost money. It is unwise to venture out now, since the virus scare is still not ok; there are heated arguments in every family these days. It is just not prudent to take any drastic decision now. Let us be prudent.
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    Please forget the capital A in the aforesaid thread in the heading as my internet connection is not working properly and am unable to edit it now.

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    Foolish people fail to keep their money safe and have the eye on big gains on investment and does not even consult the experts or those who already benefited and thus end up losing hard earned money. As told by the author the best bet now is on the mutual funds which may not give you wind fall returns and yet serve you as the cushion through constant interest parked with the fund. We have been benefiting with such mutual funds investment and I feel better than the bank interest. Nevertheless the greed to earn more interest has taken the toll for many and they end up losing in stock market. Stock market is pure gambling as those who are new and not having an iota of details are bound to lose and that is where the gainers look for such foolish investing people and make money out of their innocence.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true that we should not take undue risk with our savings these days. You may be getting good returns if you invest some money in the share market. Where the chances of gains are high the risk factor is also high. So we should not do that trading without understanding. It is always better to take the suggestions of the people who are professionals in this field. Even a professional may also go wrong. So we can't blame him and it is you to take a call. As mentioned by the author Mutual Funda appear to be the best bet these days. But while investing in Mutual Funds also one should study the issue very carefully. Many of us will go on the internet. But many times we can't completely depend on the internet also. We have to discuss with the person who can advise you on the best MF plan in the market.
    Finally, it is destiny. We will be very careful but if we have to lose we will lose somehow. Be attentive and see the reviews on the recent Mutual friends and decide,

    always confident

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    A person should not invest his money in stock market unless he knows how it works or at least he must consult some experts of this field. He may take suggestions of professionals by paying their consultation fee if intends to invest his money.
    I think best investment is in property because the rate of property goes up after a few years. I see some people do this business . They purchase cheap property in remote areas and when rates goes up they sell the plot.

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    Investment in the stock market is definitely benificial if you are conversant with the certain parameters such as its financial health for at least for past five years, its board of directors, its marketing strategies and rapport from the consumers side. These are a few parameters and despite knowing these parameters is not enough. There are certain external factors which may affect the performance of the shares. Predictions of the financial consultants may not come true sometimes and hence you can say it is sometimes an act of gambling. If you remain connected with the market for an appreciable time, it may help you indirectly to gain in your invested portfolios.
    If on the other hand, your investments in the mutual funds may not turn out risky since you may not observe erratic movements of such portfolios thus safeguarding your investments.

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    There is no limit to the greed of the people. Share market sometimes gives good return but sometimes people lose also much. Share market is not an easy place to venture and requires the tricks of the trade. It is better not to invest in the share market if a person is not aware of the associated risks. Earning money is a difficult task but losing it can be done in moments and one should be cautious on this account.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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