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    Are you an unbiased citizen?

    We all are bound to some group, caste, culture, community, religion, and society. Our mindset is biased with that if not to full extent then to at least some extent. In this biased frame of mind our decisions would be erratic and full of biased material and will be leading to controversy and we will be ready to fight with others on petty matters of belief and cultural myths. Many wars took place in the world because of these inherent differences. The difference in ideologies and not accepting others had been a big problem and the whole of human history is blotted with such incidents and quarrels. It would had been an ideal situation if we were not biased like that but unfortunately that is only a dream to share and reality is strikingly different. Are you an unbiased citizen?
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    We belong to a region, religion, caste, and culture. I do not understand, how we belong to a group? I am a Hindu and I believe in humanity. Furthermore, I love my culture and not biased to it. I respect all the religions and their customs. I may be biased in many aspects but not religion. My thoughts are liberal. We are all educated to some extent and capable of thinking and forming our own opinions. Unfortunately most of the news we are getting is not genuine. We have to refer more sources to get correct news. 'The Hindu' is one such reliable newspaper. Being educated, we may differ on many subjects and there may be arguments and in general we prefer to differ rather than agree. No one on the earth will be unbiased. In some aspect or other, everyone will be biased.
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    When we are living and adjusting with the people of different caste , creed and religion we have already made up our mind and that proves that we are going to sail with all no matter any difference and face off. We have been habituated to live like that since many years. In Hyderabad we live with all kinds of religion and caste and we are liviing peacefully. In fact most of the religion people involve and participate in each others festivities and occasions and that proves we are broad minded enough to allow and celebrate all celebrations cutting across the misgivings being spread by other vested interest.
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    Many of us are unbiased. Even though we belong to a caste, we will not have any bias towards that caste. We treat all people equally. We may belong to a certain religion. We visit the places of worship belonging to that religion only. We pay donations there only. Can we call it a bias? I don't think so. I belong to a political party. I vote for that party and ask others to vote for that. Can we call it a bias? I am not of that view.
    When we do some favours to our known people even though they are not eligible and when some people are losing their chance because of our actions, then we can say that we are biased.
    Many times this controversy comes. Especially when we judge some people and pass on our opinion if the other person won't like it ha may say we are biased. These things happen in many places. Even on ISC, we have seen such disputes once or twice. I have never got a chance to get biased. If I got a chance how I might have behaved is not known to me.

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    This is an extremely difficult question asked by the author. I think everybody is biased on this planet. Although I may claim not to be a biased person yet I can't negate this reality. I confess that I am biased but partially and also in certain and specific situation when another biased person instigates me to get biased.

    Several members on ISC are politically biased rather blindfolded supporters of a particular political party. They may confess or deny depends on their discretion and volition. We speak always good as if we're perfect, flawless but reality is that practically we are normal people like other normal people.

    As a citizen generally people are not biased except in some situations however some people are biased . Their views, ideology, thoughts and activities are evident of them being biased. Everybody who supports them is also a biased person however , indirectly though.

    As a citizen we are divided in religions, castes, languages, sects, dogmas, cults, cultures and regions. We support our people and show indifference to others. This is a fact of our human nature but overall there is hidden unity in us which keep us intact as brothers and friends and It becomes a reality when the situations come and the whole world see all Indians as a community. This is the beauty of this country and countrymen.

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    The real answer of the question is always biased as we are divided by religion, cast& creed by birth itself. Many of our great leaders always advised the nation to become unbiased but most of them in their real life are also biased as depicted by their various act and decisions. We some time think what is the value to be a biased ,so it is better to be unbiased . But in reality its only a thinking object only. You become angry when you see that some one in other religion getting extra benefits but there is no such benefits in your religion. The same thing happens when you see that the son of your neighbor has got a good govt. jobs but even more qualified and intelligent your ward is unemployed. In case of marriage advertisement you can see that boys or girls for a particular cast or religion are required. But there may be some exception due to unavoidable reasons. In fact we all are bound to maintain our own custom as it is like in our blood. In india till the policy of the govt will be in biased , people will go for it.
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