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    Human resources will always be an important resource

    Understanding the importance of humans as resources rather than wholly depending on technology is the focus of this forum discussion.

    It is true that today the development of technology has become very much important and in this development, every organization, every company, and every department is following the technology and in every way is engaged in making itself completely digital. This technology development has brought a big challenge for human resources. Today machines and computers have replaced humans in many places, but even today no technology can work without human intervention. Human resource is a valuable resource so that along with technology, human development is equally important.
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    Some body was telling me that some hotels have started engaging the services of rabbot for entertaining and serving the food and baverages to the customers. Though it may be amusing and good tactic to attract the customers, the personal touch every waiter has on the customer would be missing and every rabbot has to be programmed and directed the customer and that proves human intervention is always required no matter the technology grows and wants to stop human services. Many machines came and many are under innovation but human presence would go a long way to consolidate the sales and customer satisfaction.
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    Human resources are very important. Whatever automation you do and you go digital, without a human interface no work can be done. Material, method, machine and men are the 4Ms required for running any organisation. Men mean Men/ Women. Commonly shown as Men. In the success of any work, this 4th M plays a very important role. We require people to create a boot. If a human being is not working as a server, he may work for creating a robot. The area of work will change but can't be completely eliminated.
    It is a tough job to deal with Humans. That is why we will all be asked to learn about Human Relations and their importance. Once we learn this we can become a good HR Manager and HR Management is very crucial these days. There are experts working in these departments can identify the needs of the humans working with them and will try to create a good atmosphere so that human will show his full potential.

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