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    When the work is done with pleasure, the result is satisfactory.

    We, humans, are not always lazy but not we are also so energetic that we always ready for every task at all times. Many times it happens that we dislike doing some specific work, even if it is small. On the other hand, we also do the greatest or biggest task with pleasure. For example, I love cooking and I can cook all the snacks, and daily food items without anyone's help, but what I don't like is making tea. While I love tea and it takes relatively little time to make it, still I don't like making it. But sometimes there can be such a compulsion that we have to do disliked work as well, then it is sensible that you should do your disliked work with pleasure. Doing this you can increase your efficiency and positive thoughts towards work. In the end, the result of the work is also satisfactory, but if you do the same work with irritability, then you will spoil your energy, hard work, and your time and at the end of the result will also be less satisfactory than expected.
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    Nice post from the author. It is the fact that we must have interest and the ability to understand and finish the work in time and that woud draw insipiration and satisfaction not only to self and also to others who are dependent on our work. When we draw pleasure in work the on going would be smooth and conclusive and that ensures error free mistake free work completion. If the work is done with great interest and precision that proves the work was understood and there is no question of any miss or misjudgement of work and therefore the results would be superlative and adherance.
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    Why the author does not like to prepare tea is strange whereas she likes to sip it too. On the contrary I like to prepare as well as drink tea. I prepare tea daily late night when everyone in family is asleep.
    The author has given a message whether or not we like any work to do but once we take responsibility of any work which we don't like though should perform meticulously. The result of our performance reflect our modus operandi. I agree with the author that we should not run away from taking responsibility if we are offered to do something.
    This rule is applied to every work and every field but one thing I would like to add if you are not capable enough or have no ability to do a particular work you should not take its onus as it may go against you if you could not do it as per required standard.

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    These days getting a job itself is very difficult. So we can't select the job but we have to accept the job whatever comes to us. Sometimes it happens that the job we got may not be liked by us and we may not have an interest in that work. Then we may not be able to work with full energy and we may be losing our job. So we all should develop an interest in whatever job we get and we should work wholeheartedly. Then automatically some interest in that profession will increase and you will show your maximum efficiency. It all depends on how you will develop an interest in the work you are doing. You may have to come out of the miondset. You have to come out from the framework and get ready and tune your mind in such a way that automatically some interest develops in the work you are doing.. Then you feel happy about performing that work.
    The same is true in domestic works also. Whether you love it or not certain works are to be carried out. Develop some belongingness towards those works. You will definitely be happy and slowly your dislike for that job will get reduced.

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    If you do not like to do something, it's better not to do that, but if you are in a position where there is no other option left than doing the task then you need to do the task by following the procedures. Generally, we do not like things that we find tough. For example, a student doesn't like the subjects she/he fears and find all kind of excuses to avoid studying the subject. By doing this the performance of the student in the examination will not be satisfactory. Here, the reason for the dislike has to be found and the student needs to be motivated accordingly. The same thing may be applicable to do various tasks. If you find something tough and do not do the task since you find it hard rather than avoiding it, spend more time on it. This will help to grow an interest in doing the job and I hope the fear about doing the task will go gradually. Pleasure will come later when you start enjoying the task, before that it's your habit and concentration to finish the task in an efficient way.

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    It is better to do the work happily rather to be stressed and be under tension. Work should not be taken as a weight on ones head. We all know that we cannot escape from the work. It is not only necessary for a livelihood but also for engaging oneself positively. When we have to work and there is no other choice then why to unnecessarily take stress and embarrassment in our lives.
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    Right saying by the author. Any work done with second thought or half minded the work cannot be fulfilled successful or even satisfactorily. Especially it is for cooking, if we start cooking with half mind or uninterestingly, total cooking will get spoiled. One day when I move for cooking my brother in law alerted me to use less salt. Though I know this his words irritated me and on that day total cooked dish gone to ditch.

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