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    The notorious and mischievous boy

    Raj was a mischievous child. He always did something notorious and then posed innocent. Sometimes Veena, his mother, became angry with him. Raj knew it well and with his soft touch and smiling face he always made his mother to forgive him and grant him whatever he liked. But today was a different day as mother found that Raj was avoiding the brushing of teeth after the dinner in the night. Veena did not like it and told him that he has to do it without fail and she would check it daily. Raj was uncomfortable. He never liked brushing. Raj was an intelligent boy. That day after the dinner he took some paste on the brush and went to the mother pretending as if he was brushing and when mother smiled to him he went back to the bathroom and threw the paste in the sink and washed the brush and kept it back and went to bed. Raj forgot to flush the paste in the sink.

    After completing work Veena entered the bathroom and washed her hands. The paste caught her attention and it alarmed her. Had Raj thrown it and just went to bed without brushing. Veena was perturbed. Now Raj was up to the new tricks to deceive her. Veena was thinking and some idea flashed in her mind.

    Next morning, Raj got up and straight went to mother and told her that he was feeling hungry. Veena told him to freshen up and then he will get the breakfast. after 10-15 minutes Raj came out from the bathroom. Veena served him a cup of milk. Raj was waiting for other things but nothing was in sight.
    "Where is my toast and egg, Mummy?", Raj asked.
    "No toast and egg today, dear. Only milk. The night you do not paste, next morning will be like this only.", Veena retorted.
    Raj was stupefied. How can Mummy do that? He was just thinking as how she knew that he threw the paste. It was a riddle for him.

    Raj felt good as during lunch there was no restriction. It was Sunday. Raj did his homework and then went out to play with friends in the park. In the night there was no restriction in the diner also and after dinner Raj went to bathroom and took paste on brush and started to brush the teeth. He wanted that mother should see it so he went to the kitchen and continued brushing. Veena saw him and told that he should complete it in the bathroom only as it would spill out from the mouth and make the place dirty. Raj went back to bathroom. Next morning Raj found everything normal at the breakfast and found the mother smiling at him lovingly.

    I have used the pair photograph by Umesh.
    This is my entry for the pair photo contest part-2.
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    The notorious and the mischivous ways of children are always adorable and the author has brought in nice story to teach a lesson for the child who has made the mess.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A nice story from the author. Mothers will have many ways to teach good things to their children. But some will have patience and take time and see that the children will understand what is good and what is bad. But some mothers will never such patience and try to shout at the kids. That will have a negative effect on the child. He may ignore her shouting and he will get accustomed to that shouting. The way the mother taught her in the story is very good. If we notice the behaviours of the children closely and warn them, they will definitely change.
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    This is a story of a mischievous/ naughty boy who had bad habit of not brushing his teeth daily and the author has narrated how his mother taught him a lesson made him realise how his habit is bad and he realised his mistake too.

    The most important quality in this story is that the boy is good and well-manerred. He realised his mistake as he is not stubborn. Some boys are impudent and ill-mannered. They don't realise their mistake. The mother has been shown as a considerate person. She realised what her responsibility about her son is.

    The story is excellent and well written. But the title is wrong. The boy is not shown as notorious , rather he is simply naughty and mischievous. Being mischevious and naughty are common traits of young boys. But if a boy is notorious he is utterly  spoilt and everybody knows about him. Notorious carries negative connotation which is opposite to famous.

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    Nice story written by the author. Yes kids are like this. My wife too also does like this. She also scolds my kids for not brushing the teeth. Whenever she says to brush at night they pretend as if they are slept. When she shouts on them they go to the bathroom and brush the teeth. She most of the time explains the benefits of it then they promise they will do that daily but after few days they do the same. Kids are really mischevious.

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    The loving mother and the mischievous child story reminds me of my childhood. There were times when I too did such mischiefs and would try to avoid some work, homework, etc, and go to play, my mother would make it a point that I finish my homework and the task assigned, or else, the punishment would be waiting for me. Such small mistakes are what make the child and keep the house lively. As mentioned, the children do love their mother and even though they showed tantrums, they know that their mother understands them and love them. Mother is the only person who knows their children, inside out and knows how to deal with it. She loves as well as teaches what is required to live in this complex world. The writer has also explained very well the love and ability of a mother along with an obedient son who even though is notorious and mischievous, respects and loves his mother.
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    Sometimes we have to be strict with children otherwise they will take the things lightly. We should give them all the facilities but if they do not follow certain instructions and take them carelessly then the parents, though from their heart they will not like to do so, have to take some stern action to bring them on the track. That is the demand of the situation at some times and one has to be strict on that. There is an old saying that spare the rod and spoil the child and that is sometimes very true and there is no harm to use that guideline as it really helps in the matter.
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