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    I got the Covid 19 vaccine first dose-thanks to everyone who made it happen

    Today is a special day to me. After almost more than a year of tension, and traumatic wait for a cure or vaccine for the pandemic which shook and traumatised the whole world, I got my first dose of Covid 19 vaccine. Anxiety and expectation climaxed to an 'ANTI'-climax.

    I pinched myself to make sure that it is reality. There are no words to thank all those who made it happen. The scientists and health technicians, the Statesmen, and our own Government and PM Sri Modi who facilitated vaccine for many poor nations too.

    ( I thought of starting a new thread instead of responding in the thread posted by Vandana because the post may not get the real visibility and impact of the message I wanted to convey as the earlier thread is nearing its deadline period).

    Though I was telling myself that I will be taking the vaccine the moment it gets released to the public, I did not rush in when it became open a fortnight ago. That s because I expected some software glitches if all rushed in at a time and thought to wait till it got somewhat stabilised. Moreover in Kerala it was announced that the first few days will be used for the election work officials. .Also I was suffering from severe leg pain and was busy with clinical and lab tests and consulting doctor and taking medicines.

    All those got somewhat stabilised, my pain also subsided to a tolerable level.
    Last Saturday, I logged into CoWin app, which I had downloaded almost a month ago from a link I got from Whats app post.

    The operation was very smooth. Already I knew and decide about my vaccination centre-a nearby Private hospital. It was my luck and I got my schedule for forenoon on 15th March at the said hospital. That was quite suitable and as wished by me.( Some of my friends who had registered in the initial days got schedule on April 6 th etc)

    Today I reached the hospital by 9.45 am. The going was smooth. After making payment, and verifying my Aadhar card and online registration, I was asked whether I suffer from any allergy. I said No and I was allowed in the vaccination room by 10.20. A few were waiting there..My vaccination was over by 10.30. I was asked to wait for 30 minutes. By 11 am I came out of the observation room.

    So the whole process from reaching the hospital till I left the hospital completing my vaccination and observation time was just one and a quarter hour in total. I could see many people waiting in queue for vaccination.

    This Covid 19 vaccination gave me a satisfying experience. It was also new, that children took their parents for vaccination. World has really changed after Covid, isn't it?
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    Getting vaccinated is the most important thing for any senior citizen as we cannot forgo it nor we postpone if for the fear of any side setbacks. However as many have been reported that no side things are happening and just fever and mild ache of the hand vaccinated which can be controled and contained within 12 hours with the available medicine . For me it is slated for coming Saturday fore noon. One thing is sure all the elders across the country from the age 45 to above are being given the vaccine now and at area hospitals it is given free so verify and avail the facilities.
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    It is good to know that you got your first dose of the vaccine. It is nice to know that there are no side problems. Today my brother's wife also got vaccinated her first dose. She reported that there are no side effects. We all should thank the people who helped us in having this.
    I was away from my original place of stay and hence I couldn't get my name registered. I may go back to Hyderabad next week. After going there we will get it done.
    The tension we underwent during the period of COVID 19 is never experienced before. The whole world is in a big problem. Somehow the scientists made it possible and today the whole world is feeling relief. Let us all get vaccinated as early as possible so that we are at risk.

    always confident

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    The author seems to be extremely happy ,this why he has started this thread to express hishappiness and satisfaction. Thanks for sharing his happiness with us . We are also happy that he has got his firat dose and I am happy that he didnot have any side effect too. Because many people have been reported having dizziness or fever and some serious reaction as well , even a person had died as happened in Madhya Pradesh. I hope that pain of his leg will also be cured soon. And he will be active on forum again.
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    Good to know that you have taken your 1st dose of the vaccine for Corona. You have mentioned your joy of receiving the dose at the earliest and the preparation done by the health department of your state to monitor, register, and also administer the vaccination process. With your write-up, it is sure that the health department has taken utmost care of giving their best to their people. As everyone had a second thought about the vaccine but it is good to take it for everyone's safety. There are some minor side effects but that is normal and not to be worried about. I too am happy as I took my 1st dose(Pfizer) of the vaccine, today in the morning. The health worker explains the normal side effects, asks for our health report, and then gives the dose. Everything is entered on the site and you can get the detail through the app. I hope everyone gets their registration done and takes their dose so that we all can be safe from the coronavirus.
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    Glad to know you recovered from your health issue and were able to take the vaccine, Venkiteswaran. Give us updates later after the second dose.

    (A note- I do think your happiness and thanks could have been conveyed with the same impact in the earlier thread as it was still open.)

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    Please post your reactions in this thread on the topic.
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