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    How Gautam Adani increased his income during COVID

    Rahul Gandhi has raised a question about famous industrialist Gautam Adani. He asked when everyone was struggling during corona pandemic how Gautam Adani could increase 50% increment in his wealth. Citing a report he alleged that Adani has added Rs 16.2 billion in 2021

    How he could manage to increase his wealth even beating world's richest business tycoons Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk also.

    We are common people we are struggling in our lives how to make it more comfortable. We don't know how anybody could increase so much wealth. He is making these allegations but his allegations are based on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index report. He has made some serious allegations on the central government we can understand that as an opposition leader he will keep on throwing allegations whenever he has opportunity as ruling party leaders also chase after him when he speaks against government.
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    I fail to understand the poor knowledge of Rahul Gandhi who is not doing any home work before making any allegation or statement and simply going by his assumptions and presumptions. If Adani could make formidable gains during the covid period it is because he manufactures essentials required for the daily needs. And we know the essentials were given free route to supplies without any stoppages and we know his group also has the presence in other countries and thus benefited hugely. There is nothing to get surprised and why Rahul Gandhi made big issue of this matter.?
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    Rahul Gandhi raised a question and so you raised this thread based on it. If the thread is about how Gautam Adani managed to increase his wealth during this time, I think you should modify the title of this thread.

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    There are industries which made good profits during COVID 19 also. Many IT companies were in profits only. Companies manufacturing medicines and health care products also did well. The companies who are in the retail and wholesale business of essential items also made good profits. If we see the Balance sheets of some companies we will know about it. Even mobile network service providers also did a good business. But because of their competition may be no profits to them. I am not sure how Gautam Adani increased his profits. In which area he made profits and in which area he has lost can be understood by seeing the balance sheet or the annual report of the company. If somebody is interested can look into it and can raise doubts if there are any mistakes or illegal issues in that. In that balance sheet, all the financial transactions will be given clearly.
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    @Sanklan Bhatacharya -
    Yes I raised this thread because Rahul Gandhi raised this question else who I am to ask why and How Industrialist Gautam Adani increased his wealth. However lead editor changed thread title at your demand.

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    By the performing companies and those manned by the professional business man are bound to perform well and there cannot be set back because they are in the retailing.
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    Making an arbitrary allegation is one thing but making it based on some data and homework is entirely a different matter and that is what is required in such cases. So what Rahul Gandhi should do is collect data, investigate and then put it in the parliament table and ask for an enquiry. If the allegation has some merit investigation must be done and justice to be brought and if Adani is found guilty then law will take its own course and punishment would be there. So just talking in air will not help. One has to be aggressive but with some solid and concrete homework.
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