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    What's the benefits of posting responses anonymously?

    Recently I was going through the QA section and saw a member wanted to keep the identity secret so posted as anonymous but what's the use of it when his/her name was written as a signature under the answer.

    I am just asking is there any benefit of doing so?

    I understand few members answer the question as a stranger but if you really want to do so then one should delete his/her name too from the signature.
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    Some questions cannot be asked in open with the name and if the member happens to be regular there would shyness for having asked such question. So there is a provision to ask for anonymous question so that the question may be more open and the responses would be apt. Normally personal and family problems are asked with anonymous mode. And as far as ISC members are concerned who are experts in answering need not press for who is asking the question or their credentials. And we are professional enough not to dig the details of the asking member or the person.
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    @K Mohan, that was not a response for which one should feel embarrassed . Secondly if she/he was so then should have checked it before posting it as the name was appearing at the end.

    I agree with your point sometime some question or answer can be written hiding the identity .


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    If the name is appearing at the end of the post then the whole exercise is defeated and there is no secret in holding the name. The author is right in his observation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I agree with the views of @K.Mohan but since his name was there in his signature he might have forgot to notice it while posting his question. He should have deleted his name .
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    Let's keep aside the merits and demerits of replying to a question anonymously and look at some other aspects of posting with the help of an example. When the author has posted this thread there was no signature at the end of it, isn't it? But when the author posted a reply @ #725633 the signature, which is actually a footer section, was automatically added. The author didn't add it but it is already saved in Forum Footer that can be modified in Site Settings from a member's Dashboard. Though I have not seen the answer which was replied to anonymously, I am sure a person who doesn't wish to disclose her/his identity will never add a signature at the end of an answer.

    I would say it's a technical glitch. When a person is replying anonymously, the Forum Footer should not be added in the answer but somehow in this case it is added.


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    There are facilities for asking questions anonymously as well as responding anonymously. It is the choice of the user to use that facility. There is no clear cut reason for adopting such options but individuals have their own thinking, privacy, and strategy to live in this world and some do not want to publicise their names with a particular point of view and in such times this anonymous thing helps.
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    We can ask questions without revealing our identity if we want to do so. Certain people may think that if they ask their question giving their identity, the others may think that he/ she is not knowledgable. With that thinking, they may ask questions anonymously. There are arrangements on this site.
    When you answer also anonymously, you have to see that your footer will not appear in your reply. The site has arrangements for that. If somebody is getting confused some times such situations may arise.

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    A question can be from an anonymous person, because of fear and shyness. But the answer should be clear with the name. In a virtual world why should we fear and shy?.I would call it as a coward act of remaining anonymous. We have discussed this topic many years back.
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    If the member want to remain anonymous, let us not interfere with his intention. However, the query hovering in his mind has to be answered so that he gets the apt answer of his query. It does not look decent to scratch more to reveal his genuine identity. There could be a number of reasons for suppressing his identity and the same is best known to the member interested to remain anonymous.

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