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    Some qualities of a good neighbour

    What are the qualities that one would look for in people to consider them as good neighbours? Is it just general friendliness, or something beyond that?

    It is said that you are lucky if you have good neighbours as the matter of fact you can choose your friends but you can't choose your neighbours. If our neighbours are not good it becomes very difficult to deal with them but the most important question is if we are also good neighbours? We don't know what our neighbours think about us. It may be possible that we think that our neighbours are not good and they are thinking the same about us. So before complaining about others we have to think over this matter whether or not we are good neighbour .

    Now what we have to do is to become a good neighbour. Good neighbours are friendly, helpful, trustworthy, respectful and considerate of noise. A good person doesn't irritate his neighbour by his misbehaviour and any unhealthy activities.

    If any neighbour comes into our colony you should go forward to introduce ourselves instead of waiting for his arrival. it creates good feelings in his heart for us. We may invite him to visit our home. Being good neighbours does not mean that we are good friends too, however, there is nothing wrong to befriend with our neighbour. Important thing is that our neighbour should find himself comfortable in our presence and us being his neighbour should be considerate people.
    In metro life, it looks strange to see that most of the neighbours don't know who are their neighbours . The reason is their ego. Mostly they are limited to their homes. They have no interest nor have time to know each other.
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    This is a nice thread initiated by the author and it is the fact that good neighbors are bound to happen if we behave nicely with them and they reciprocate in equal terms. The problems comes with children having face off on small matters and the elders joining the issue with great importance. For example at my relatives house there lives a neighbor who plays loud music at the wee hours and also late hours and the elders at my relative house get much disturbed and cannot have sleep. This is rudely behavior of the neighbor and they were warned many a time. Even the colony society members also prevailed upon them to stop music at wee hours. But they would not budge. Ultimately the society gave complaint to the police and they made him to mend the ways. From that day the face off still continues and the neighbor is not in talking terms.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very interesting post by the author. In this world very few people know the art of having good relations with ones neighbour. It requires patience and cordial frame of mind. Aggressiveness will only deteriorate the situation. Overly welcome and entertainment can also create problem as privacy would be disturbed. So, it becomes a difficult task to have a balanced relationship with the neighbour. At times one has to indicate the limits also up to which one wants to have relations with them and people should respect that privacy. By keeping privacy also we can help each other. In some cases the neighbours remain with each other in so many entertaining activities but when it comes to help they shy away. This is in bad taste and this type of superficial relationship is to be discouraged. Relations within certain boundaries are always fruitful and assuring. Having good relations with a neighbour is nothing but art of coexisting.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I never forget the neighbor cum house owner of mine during 1980. We, four brothers, shifted our house from Padi, one place to West Mambalam, another area in Chennai. When we are arranging the household items, unexpectedly the house owner lady kept a big vessel full of pooris and daall in another vessel. Without waiting for our word, she ordered with kind, to do the remaining works after taking the pooris and left. We just got astonished with this action. Later also they did my helps to us and my mother many times without acting as a house owner. I never forget this in my life though they are not alive now.

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    It is always better to maintain good relations with our neighbours. We should not cause disturbance to our neighbours with our actions. At midnight if we start playing our music with a loud voice the sleeping neighbour will get disturbed. He may allow you a day and if you repeat the same he will definitely come and show his unhappiness. So we should plan our actions in such a way that our actions will never disturb our neighbours. Then only we can be good neighbour. We should never quarrel with neighbours and we should never interfere in their matters.
    If any neighbour is trying to disturb us we should be away from such neighbour.

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    It is rare incident that an owner of rented house offered food. She must be a great woman.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    Some people are good and kind hearted and if they are in ones neighbourhood then it is a good luck for the persons living there. At the same time there are some people who are quarrelsome and mean and will never be cordial with anyone and naturally they will not be comfortable with their neighbours. We have to be cautious of such people and avoid them as mixing with them will make the situation worsen.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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