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    At work on computer for 10 hours and how to protect our eyes?

    Many of the employees and techies who are either working at office or the home are now more exposed to the computer glare and at work on the gadget for 10 hours and how to protect our eyes is the big challenge. I have seen that at young age the computer professionals are having the eye sight and they done with specs. If this continues then the young Indians would be visibly poor as the usage of computer is more and more even in future and how to protect our eyes is the big question to which I seek the remedy from the members.
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    This is a very common problem today encountered by the people who are working on the computer screen or mobile screen for hours together either for their jobs and careers or simply having fun activities like social media, games, videos, movies etc. Doctors and experts advise that we should have invariably some break after each hour and try to strengthen our muscles around eyes by doing some little exercises and divert them to some other scenes outside window or outside the office for a while so that the get a rest from that strenuous job. Regular breaks after some time is recommended as the main remedy for this. At the same time proper nourishment to the body which is helpful in making eyes healthy is also a must and taking foods having sufficient vitamin A (like eggs, fish, carrots etc) and other such beneficial things make sense. The message for the young people is that if you want to remain active in online for a long time then do not abuse your eyes and take care of them.

    With age there is degradation in eyes also and some times they get dry and create problem. So elderly are advised to keep them lubricated using certain eye drops prescribed by the doctor for that purpose. I am using such a drop for last 4-5 years continuously failing which my eyes itch and are hurt due to dryness. In most of the cases elderly people have to say good bye to their online activities after a certain age which of course will differ from person to person but that is a realty which soon people like me will have to encounter and say bye to all the platforms like that including ISC. Till then be active, take breaks, and contribute your best.

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    I appreciate the author for raising his concern about people what they should do to protect their eyes from any harm for eye sight. They should give some rest for their eyes after working for hours. They should take balanced diet and should not forget to take vitamin A which is essential for eyes. They may consult an eye soecialist doctor and ask him for some drop or any medicine for protection of eye sight from further damage.
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    It is a real problem many people are facing. Sitting before the computer screen for a minimum of 10 hours a day has become a must for many IT employees and other staff in other offices also. Today we see almost all the employees will be having a laptop or desktop before them. This will give definitely strain on the people.
    These days some special computer-friendly glasses are coming. Many are trying to use them so that the strain will come down. Many of the computers are using a shield on the computer screen where the strain will be less to read them. However, it is better to give rest in between for some time and we should keep some wet cloth on our eyes when we take rest. We should use glasses when we work on a computer and we should eat healthy food so that we will have normal vision. The intake of Vitamins as required is very important and we should give due weightage to our eyes. The eye is also an important organ for us.

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    And after spending considerable time on computer then during nights we browse the cell and that is very dangerous.
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    The author has chosen a very good topic, on which all the other authors have given very helpful responses, in which they have given their knowledge-based advice. Hardly 10 days ago, I also had my eye checked and I was advised by the doctor to use blue light blocking lenses, which keep my eyes more protected while working on the laptop. We should also use these glasses during mobile usage. Apart from this, my doctor gave me an advice, I share it with you. She said that while working on the laptop or computer continuously, take a break of 15 seconds every 15 to 30 minutes, in which look at a distant object continuously for 15 seconds, then blink your eyelids 15 to 20 times very quickly. This exercise does not allow stress on the eyes and our eyes can remain healthy for a long time. Apart from this, good and nutritional food is also very important for healthy eyes.
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    The author has raised an important topic indicating the deterioration of eye sights if the gadgets are continuously glued over. The radiation emitting from the computers is harmful to all if the basic discipline of leaving of the computers for sometime after certain interval is not maintained. The computer professionals should follow the advice of the eye specialist in this regard. However, it is applicable to we members as well engaged in different activities in ISC. A break in between the work is advisable to restore our healthy eye sight.

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