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    When we demand our rights are we adhering to duties?

    Either at home or office, we try to assert our rights and privileges but at the same time, we fail to oblige with duties for which we are responsible. No doubt every citizen is safeguarded by rights and privileges and it always comes with the assigned tasks. We get more worried and more perturbed when our rights are stopped and not given credence and a the same time we are not worried about the duties to which we are alone responsible and others do depend on our completion of work. When we demand our rights are we adhering to duties? Please have your say.
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    Our rights are well defined and explained. If it happens that our rights are snatched away or we are deprived of our rights which we are entitled for we can raise our voice to get them restored. We have law, court and law enforcement agencies , however, we are not allowed to take the law in our hands to protect our rights. We often see strike from employees if they see that their rights are violated . Now bank unions have declared strike against privatisation of banking sector. Functioning In banks will remain closed for two days. They are demanding that government should revoke its decsion to privatise banking sector as several banks have either been merged into other big banks and remaining banks may be privatised in future. They are apprehensive of losing their jobs. Last year also bank employees went on strike and stopped working.
    The author wants to say that they can raise their voice for restoration of their rights if their rights are being violated but the author wants that they should not stop working.
    Employees know their responsibilities and I think they perform their duties and responsibilities but when they go for strike it is well known fact that they stop working . So long as they remain on strike they forget their responsibilities and duties.

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    This is the nature of a person in general. We remember our rights but forget our responsibilities. How many of us are going to the voting booth and utilising our voting power. But we always criticise our government for not functioning properly and not allowing us to use our rights.
    A good citizen should give importance to both rights and responsibilities. In a family also some people never care for their parents when they are alive. But they will come and fight for their portion of the property after the parents' demise. Is it not cruel? Taking care of your parents when they are old is your responsibility. But you will forget that conveniently. But we will never forget the property part.
    But when we are in our job if we forget our responsibilities, we may not be able to manage the job for long. The management may fire us. So we have to fulfil our responsibilities and then only we have to fight for our rights in the office. This is true in almost all private jobs.

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    The author's observation is completely correct. Many people know how to speak and fight only for their rights, but if they have been asked for their duties, then they have a full list of excuses. The same trend is seen among the citizens of the country. They hope that the government should provide them good roads, but if the citizens are forbidden to go through the road in construction even for 2 days, then they do not obey and after passing their vehicle through the newly constructed road, they contribute to spoiling it. It is not that we get all our rights without asking for it, but the value we are giving more and more to our rights, we should also think about our duties because if we do not fulfill our duty today, then the rights of our next generation will also be taken away from them. It is important to have a balance of everything in life, it is also our duty to include the rights and duties in it.
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    Many people raise voice for their rights but when it comes to discharge their duties they make some excuse and avoid it. It is double standards and our society and country is suffering because of these people only. When we get something from the society or Govt then it is our duty to reciprocate and deliver something in return also otherwise it would be treated as selfish behaviour.
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    The author has explained his concerns well. As you mentioned our rights as well as our duties are very well defined. Our rights and duties should never be contradictory. We perform our duties well because our right are protected and we are able to perform our duties peacefully. However whenever we have a invasion in our rights we tend to defer from our duties, which should be understandable. Whenever our rights that are given to us by birth are snatched from us by any means then at that moment of time our prime duty would be to restore these rights and nothing less. As time passes by, there are certain rights that are to be included and these should be demanded as well. All these are the duties of the citizen when time comes.
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    Demanding ones rights is very easy. Just collect some people and start shouting for the demands. But whether those demands are justified or not that is one important point and the people who are raising their voices so loudly are they contributing or doing some political drama that is to be ascertained. There are many people around who only cry for their rights but when it comes to performing duties they start complaining that the management is very cruel and they are being exploited and more work is taken from them. Just consider, if we have a self employment or we have a shop to manage then would we complain like that? To whom we will complain? We are our boss ourselves. So, when in self employment condition one is working hard why one should not be working at least normally in the employment condition elsewhere and why to make an unnecessary fuss about the things. Contribute first and then only demand if it is justified one.
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