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    Let us start roof gardens like never before

    The price of petrol per liter is not going to come down anytime soon. The prices of all vegetables have already shot up. Every single item of expenditure has gone up. We need to innovate to manage the problem.

    One of the solutions is to search for organic fertilizers and start roof gardens. Even in flats and apartments, one does see the huge terraces. It is possible to grow vegetables in pots and expertise is now available in the form of Youtube videos in every language. Very hours on the weekends will help a great deal. We need someone to water the plants every day by turn and with a little bit of co-operation among the residents. Those who have independent houses can also do this, as they will have the freedom to even choose a wide variety of vegetables to grow.

    Some sort of incentive can also be given in the form of awards for the best-maintained garden by the local residents. This will enable them to be motivated to perform better at all times.
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    Suggestion of the author is not bad but it is not feasible . He has suggested that residents of the building may grow vegetables on the building roof but the problem emanates when roof does not belong to one person. Who will grow ? Who will water plats ? Who will take care of plants? However, those who have their homes on a piece of land and have some space as lawn may grow plants easily.
    But now vegetable rates have come down . There is not big problem for people as such.
    Some time back we also cultivated green pepper and some other vegetables but it was not because of vegetables price hike. How many plant we may grow in our lawn or any piece of land , after all it is the job of farmers. We can not do it .

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    The suggestion is good. Individual house owners should think about it seriously. Already in Hyderabad, some are doing it. But how successful they are is not known at all. We grow plants in pots. The majority of them are flower plants only. Actually, I have planned for a small garden on the roof of my house. But could not do so far. I will try in the coming days. It is good for fresh air as well as fresh vegetables. It is a more environmentally friendly activity more than a saving idea.
    But in apartments, it will become common property. Who will take the lead and who will keep it going is a big question? If the families in the apartments are coming to an understanding and doing that the efforts will definitely give good returns in kind if not in cash.

    always confident

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    While the author has given a good suggestion to start art nurturing roof garden, invariably the builder is constructing extra room on the terrace or having a pent house and thus the access to terrace by other owners are denied. However the association of the flat can take the decision and allot space for growing the plants and that should be flowers and vegetables. The quantity of the yield can be pooled and then divided among the owners and thus watering of plant be done by each house owner without any room for complaint and favoritism. Hope suggestion would hold good.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is really a good suggestion from the author. Everything can be possible if we actually want to do the same with the required time. We have seen these days many people adopt an organic food lifestyle and they grow these kinds of gardens in their home too. It is not easy to practically apply this process of roof garden but as the author mentioned there are some youtube videos also available which may help us then we must at least try it.

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