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    Try this filter coffee for a change and be blessed

    Specific brands are now making waves in many markets. One of these is called "Kumbakonam Filter Coffee". One can see this name everywhere in Tamil Nadu and am now told that it is famous along the highway in the surrounding States as well.

    So, what is this filter coffee all about? Well, Kumbakonam is a small town, some 90 kilometers from the famous city called Tiruchirapalli. For starters, Kumbakonam is a town of temples. There are reportedly over sixty temples and in each of these temples, there is a big crowd at all times. Someone, many years ago, invented the technique of branding the filter coffee specially prepared for the tourist and the town population. The filter coffee is not ordinary filter coffee. There is a particular method of preparing it. No one really knows if it is patented. However, thousands of shops serve you more or less the same kind of filter coffee.

    I had a cup of this filter coffee recently in an outlet that bore the name of "Kumbakonam Filter Coffee". I have had it several times in the past; nothing much has changed and the core remains the same. Ask the guys how they do it and they will simply say that it is a trade secret. It is always served only in brass tumbles.

    Taste this filter coffee during your next visit to Tamil Nadu and be blessed!! You are bound to like it.
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    The author is a big gourmand.He often discusses tasty food and drink. Those who like to have taste of new food or drink may visit as the author has suggested. I have never been fond of coffee, I like tea instead, however, for changing taste coffee can be sipped. I don't think if anybody would travel to just have a cup of coffee to these places. But  if somebody is visiting the area where this special coffee is served he should not miss this opportunity to have a cup of coffee at least once.
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    I have tasted Kumbakonam coffee. I do not like the taste of that coffee. The coffee has become famous, and I don't know what is special in it. An useless coffee, I would say.
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    Filter coffee by itself tastes well. If it is strong enough with very little sugar and milk we will enjoy the coffee very much. If that strongness is not there we will not feel the taste. I am a filter coffee lover. In my house, we drink coffee in the mornings before lunch but after breakfast.
    I have not tasted the coffee brand suggested by the author. I had been to Kumbakonam and I took coffee in that place. I don't know whether I took that specific grade or not. In general, Tamilnadu is a very good place for tasty filter coffee. I almost travelled the entire Tamilnadu and tasted coffee in different parts and they make good coffee.
    These days we are seeing many coffee and tea outlets on almost all highways and they are serving good tasty items. We see such outlets in Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh also.

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    The Kumbakonam filter coffee is excellent. I happened to taste it on my way from Pondicherry to Vijayawada. Anyone getting down at Egmore railway station cannot miss the aroma of the coffee that comes from the canteen just adjoining the railway station. The food in Tamil Nadu is very tasty as well as cheap.
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    The variant as suggested by the author has to be tasted once I drop to that place in Tamilnadu. The filter coffee would taste fine provided there is a little blend of sugar of milk. Richness of the coffee would be felt if the concentration of the coffee is in the higher proportion than that of milk and sugar. The other factor is the way how the the constituents are mixed by the coffee maker. For each place, there is some special beverage which need to tasted for enjoying the entire vacation. One interesting fact about Tamilnadu is that the tea and coffee are the common beverage available in any time of the day.

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    I have tasted filter coffee but not this particular one. The taste of filter coffee is very nice. It is different from the readymade coffee powder available in the market. Nowadays the liquid extract of filter coffee is also available in small pouches and I have got some which cane just mixed with boiling water and the coffee is ready. It tastes like filter coffee only but there is no hassle of filtering the raw coffee in a coffee filter.
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    Such tastes are liked only by real coffee addicts. I am a coffee addict, I have tasted coffee in many places and really the coffee of Kumbakonam is super and the main reason is milk and mixing tactic. Almost all places in southern parts of Tamilnadu we can get filter coffee but metro cities we get only instant coffee except in some places. In Kerala tea is good rather than coffee. We have wandered in the streets of Guruvayur for a filter coffee once and on catching a shop we occupy the shop till we are leaving.

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    We have been tasting filter coffee with 60 percent coffee and forty percent chickory and that gives great froath and taste. The coffee beans were roasted and powdered in front of us and thus the rich aroma of coffee can be had and it will stay. Regarding Kumbhakonam filter coffee it is the fact that they are selling 70 is to 30 ratio and the coffe content is thick and there for a cup of coffee would cost 15 rupees. Any way tasting coffee at the home is our traditional happening and we keep separate filter for the purpose and the coffee would be collected in the lower jar drop by drop if mixed with hot water last night.
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