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    Increasing addiction for online or mobile games.

    In today's time, playing games on mobile is not new or unheard of, almost every child gets to download and play new games on their parents' mobiles but those children do not understand when that game would have become an addiction for them.

    Many times, children suffer from excessive irritability, anger, etc. due to not being able to play the game. Many times it is also seen that when the child wakes up in the morning his the first question is that, 'how long should I study, so that, you will allow me to play the game on the phone. This means that the child is addicted to the game in such a way that they can do anything for getting your mobile to play games, but this addiction proves very dangerous.

    Children are children there could be little hope that they will understand the disadvantages of this addiction, but it is very important for parents to understand that children should be kept away from such habits, Otherwise, this kind of addition to the game can have an adverse effect on their brain.
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    The issue which the author has raised mainly parents are responsible for this addiction . I see when a kid cries parents place mobile before his eyes. Gradually it becomes his habit and he keeps on crying unless he is given mobile. when he grows up mobile becomes essential part of his days. Then parents cannot ignore their demand of mobile. Why parents make them addicted to mobile. Why they don't check it the beginning. And when a child becomes addicted then parents complain about it.
    I agree that grown up children like to play video games . It affects their study also. Now the time has changed and you can't check them from playing video games. However, parents should look into this matter that their study should not be affected. They should not be stopped from spending their times on games. I think children should play outdoor games which are good for their health instead of play video games. In the long run playing video game is harmful for their health.

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    True. This is happening in many houses. The responsibility is with the parents. Parents are only allowing children to see these mobiles and play games when they are busy. They also keep watching these phones and playing there. So by observing the parents children are also spending their time on mobiles. It is really a bad habit. No child should get addicted to playing on mobiles.
    They will have vision problems if they are not taking care and spending a lot of time on mobile gaming. The parents should see that their children will not get addicted to this habit. If necessary the parents should stop seeing the mobiles and playing on them when they are being watched by their children. They should also engage the children properly and tell them the best stories from the epics and see that they will get interested more in listening to these stories more than using phones. We should see that they play with toys and spend time learning also.

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    As everyone is having a gadget on their hand apart from calling and browsing the cell phone is also widely used for entertaining, songs listening and mostly the games. Apart from children the youth and even elders are fond of some mobile apps which gives them fun and they keep on meddling with it. Once an elder was seen playing the game and I asked as to why he was so fond of games in this age, he said no one talks to him and he gets pleasure over gaming and scoring. Probably he has the point. May be children are also going for the mobile games because they are not being cared and heard and having no friends around and no other activities the children are more interested with mobile gaming no matter it gives much strain to the eyes for sure. The parents should have control on this and frequently change their pass words.
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    Addiction is a bad thing whether it is mobile/online games or some other amusement. It is not today that children or adults are becoming addictive of these types of things, it had been there in the past also. Earlier people were addicted of playing cards in the clubs, some were addicted to bad company, some were addicted to drugs, some were addicted to reading books, some were addicted to theft, some were chain smokers, and things like that. That time also people neglected their work for their addictions and suffered huge loses in all fronts. Today, we are seeing this in form of mobile/online games and getting worried which is of course a worry in the minds of parents also. Unfortunately, some parents are themselves addicted to mobile games. That is the height of the things gone in a wrong alley.
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    Actually education Ministers at the center and state level must convenue a meeting and discuss on this issue. Because children are getting more distracted due to mobile games and there should be over all control from the Ministry level because the child lock and other measures would not suffice and children are more intelligent and well informed as to how to control mobile and computer. If strong measures are not taken now, then the future would be more challenging as new gaming apps would be flooding market thanks to make in India push by the central govt.
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