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    Elders and their advices are like a lamp of light in the darkness

    Aditya lives in Mumbai with his parents and grandfather for the last seven years. Aditya was very young when he came to Mumbai, at that time he was in the 8th class, at that time, as if his grandfather was his world for him. As soon as he came back home from school, the grandfather used to wait for him at the door. Before coming to Mumbai, grandfather used to go to the bus stop to pick him up but due to fear of traffic in Mumbai, Aditya's parents did not let grandfather go anywhere alone, so he waited for Aditya at the door of the house. Grandfather helped Aditya with his homework, then Aditya listens to grandfather's good stories, playing games with him.

    Over time, Aditya was growing up and his grandfather also being elderly. Now Aditya had stopped listening to the stories, and at times he did not find it appropriate for some of the grandfather's advice, grandfather felt like Aditya is now getting away from him. Aditya got good percentage marks in 12th standard, and, his parents gave him mobile as a gift, after that Aditya had a little time for his grandfather. Now Aditya has started going to college. grandfather was realizing that he is no longer a child but still he interrupts important things, but Aditya gets irritated many times. Grandfather was most angry with him for his carelessness, because he never kept things in the right place, nor it is ever in his habit to prepare beforehand for anything.

    One day Mother and father went to the temple and suddenly very heavy rainfall, grandfather and Aditya were alone at home. Aditya was watching a movie on mobile for a long time, so the battery of the mobile was over and the mobile switched off. He was about to charge the mobile, suddenly the lights out. He did not understand in a jumble and he collided with the couch and fell down. For a few seconds, he sat like that and kept thinking - he is neither battery in the mobile nor knows where the torch will be, as well as he was in a lot of pain.

    Suddenly, a light appeared from grandfather's room and he saw that grandfather is carrying a candle in the hand and coming to him. Grandfather helped Aditya to get up by showing him light and both of them sat on the couch. Grandfather said - 'I always keep a candle and matchbox near my bed, so that, in such a situation there are fewer chances of an accident. Aditya was looking at him with tearful eyes. The Grandfather gives him a lesson in a gesture, and now Aditya understood that the advice and experiences of the elders could never be equaled by any technology.

    From that day onwards, Aditya had understood that his grandfathers who advise him to follow the discipline and an orderly life are going to be useful to him for a lifetime, and henceforth he is not going to ignore the advice of the elders.

    I have used the paired photo by Mallela Jyothi

    This is my entry photo challenge creative writing contest Part-2.
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    A good story from the author connecting the photo contest. The narration is very good and carrying a message. The grandson who is growing up thought that Just being older, should not be a standard of respect.. So he started giving less time to the grandfather. But some incidents and happenings will make us change our opinion. The same grandson, after the incident, realised that the advice of the elder people is like a lamp of light in the darkness. It is good that the boy realised the importance of hearing to elder people.
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    The story gives a message that we should take suggestions of elderly people quite seriously. The story is good . It has following worth noting points.
    - As a child Aditya loved his grandfather beyond proper limit.
    - His parents care about his grandfather.
    - As a young boy Aditya has no more interest in his grandfather. He does not like his suggestions at all as he himself is capable enough to take care of himself.
    - Both his parents never visited temple at night but what happened that day that they went to temple. It is strange as generally people go to temple in morning time.
    - He was so much engrossed in watching movie that his mobile battery was utterly exhausted. Movie must be interesting or was he watching some bad movie?
    - Why did he try to go out from his room when supply of electricity was cut off. What was the purpose of his going out ?
    - He could call his grandfather instead of moving from his place if he forgot where the couch was placed in his room.
    - When he got injured he cried like a small child?
    - In the end in filmy style he realised his mistake and promised to follow suggestions of the old man like a good boy.

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    'Mooththor sollum nellikkaayum munne pulikkum pinne inikkum' is the saying Tamil which if we eat goosberry we can taste sour initially but sweet later, similar to that the advices of elders initially irritating but later useful to the great extent.
    When we tell somebody to do or not to do many of them set aside them but feel very bad when they face problems.
    Children does not fear to touch lamp fire but once it touch and got injured it will not go near the lamp or fire. But for that nobody will watch a child going near a fire and they use to alert or just lift the child though it cries badly. Like that no elders will see if any goes wrong.

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    The author while submitting the content for the photo writing contest has chosen a lovely heading and that testifies as to how the elders are important in our life who spread the light of enlightment and knowledge and every elder themselves a power house through whom the flow and new knowledge and the wisdom is assured. And the children would love to have the company of elders as they not only get pampered, play fun with elders and also get to know new things in fun way. The story telling idea of any elder is most appreciated by the children as they love the expression and examples.
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    The author has presented a valuable story indicating how transformations could take place within the same child once he grows up from adolescent to adulthood. The story showed that Aditya had the close proximity to his grand father always listening to his advice in the initial years of his childhood. Such a togetherness was enjoyable for both of them. However, that togetherness did not last long because Aditya had developed tastes contrary to imagination to his grandfather and with the progress of time, the relationship detonated further.
    In the last phase of the story, there was an unexpected flow of love between the two when the grandfather lighted the candle and lifted his grandson who had fallen due to the collision of the couch. Aditya was impressed with the advice of his grandfather that a matchbox and a candle should always be kept under one's possession for taking care of emergency when light went out.

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    Very nice and engaging story submitted by the author. Children do not know many things about this world especially those which happen occasionally. Their experience in these matters is limited. On the other hand the grandfather has got an experience of his long life and he knew that any adverse situation can arise in our lives anytime and it is better to be prepared with some basic things so that we do not get any problem at the time such calamity.
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