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    Nature has given direction to us but do we follow

    In many places, people cut the trees as they feel they are not required to them or feel hindrance to them for their movement. But they do not think that such action is against nature. To prevent them there are stories through epics etc., in the form of sin etc. But we people do not care on such things by seeing this and that. Because of the absence of trees in our cities and other places the pollution become bad and air is felt so hot and it is leading to many diseases thereby.
    Nature gives many indications and alerts but we do not notice them carefully.

    An example I have seen yesterday-
    We used to see in packed foods packets etc a mark or line have given for tearing. Similarly I have seen when plucking flowers for daily pooja in our garden, I casually noticed that the hibiscus flower has a small line mark in its stem and it denotes that we can pluck the flower from that line easily.
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    Nice post from the author as the nature has been giving direction and indication to us but we never follow nor we bother to do so. Nature gives enough indications in the morning itself as to what would be the day and how would be the climate. When the rains start late in the evening it is the indication that the rain would continue with down pour the whole night. If the rain starts early in the morning the rain would stop sooner or later. And if the rain start when there is strong wind, the rain would end soon as the wind direction would take the rains far away from our place. These are some of the nature indications.
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    Very true. Nature has been giving us many chances but we humans always forget that and take things for granted. Not a single place is left without human's intervention. In the name of urbanization, everything is being destroyed and despite knowing the consequences it is still continued. Protecting the nature and environment is everyone's duty but everyone do not follow it. We have been littering the rivers, cutting down the trees, using the plastic etc of which is definitely going to have adverse effect on the nature.

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    Nature is giving us everything. But we always ignore nature. That is the greatest sin we are all doing. We should respect nature and we should enjoy the fruits that are being offered to us by nature. Trees are the main sources of oxygen and without them, there is no life here. They scrub the waste gases released by us and gives us fresh oxygen. So it is our minimum courtesy to protect them. But we are ignoring that. We should plant as many trees as possible and we should understand that today's plants will be tomorrow's trees.
    The way we cut the branches and pluck the flowers also will matter much. In a particular position, the flower will get plucked easily and there will not be any resistance. We should understand and follow. In fact, the flowers will be beautiful when they are on the tree. So it is better to allow them to be there rather than plucking them. Some we may pluck. But we should make a point that we should not pluck all the flowers that are there on the tree.

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    Cutting trees is a big sin, despite knowing that cutting trees harmful for environment , flora and fauna people cut trees illegally just to earn money. But as a matter of concerned department are also involved in this business of cutting trees in jungle. Who cares about environment or pollution. When government is also involved in this illegal business how these businessmen who deal in logs and wood can be restrained.
    Now what us the common people who have nothing to do with their business should do or can do? Obviously as a considerate should do our duty which demands to plant saplings for continue forestation process. If each of us take this responsibility that any how he will plant a sapling every month it will be a great deed for humanity and our environment. I hope we recover the loss of trees up to a great extent.
    It will decrease the level of pollution and we will have fresh air and sufficient amount of rainfall.

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    The author has told the truth, nature gives us many signals but we do not understand it in our senselessness. We are all connected with nature and as much harm as we give to nature, in the end, that loss is ours because nature is no different from us. Every person in the human world contributes to the exploitation of nature in some form, either directly or indirectly. There are some situations where we cannot do anything without knowing it. But if we want, we can balance it in another way. If the trees are harvested for some industries and other development of country or society and we are not able to stop them, but if every person takes a pledge to plant trees, the balance will remain. There are many other ways through which we can and we should give our positive contribution to nature, it is our duty.
    Swati Sharma

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    A very apt post, especially during these times when nature has continuosly tried showing us the direction towards good and bad but we dumb human continue to ignore those direction. Human have been called the smartest of all the creatures on the earth however humans have continued proving this notion wrong by our actions. Mother nature has been kind in many way, she has be suble in her ways of giving us warnings however we didn't listen to her. With time the intensity of disobedience of human towards nature increased and human being cruel creatures continued cutting trees and harming nature in every way. As the intensity of cruelty increased the direction and warning of the nature also increase. As someone mentioned above that there are things that aren't under out control however there are things that are, we can always go down the road of eco friendly rather than harming the nature. It's high time that human become aware of the damage they've done and listen to the warning and directions of nature to help cure and recover our mother nature or else the results might be worse than before.
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    Nature is very kind to us. It gives us everything but we are too selfish to reciprocate with it and take care of it. We are in fact instead of caring it, harming it through pollution, quarrying, garbage dumping etc. We are not showing our gratitude to the nature for its kindness to us and instead deteriorating it which is a very serious offence. This trend has to be checked and we have to bring the environment back to its old glory.
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    The human race is evolved in the lap of nature and is nothing but the offspring of it. We are all produced from the elements in the nature and we have to co-exist with it in a constructive and positive ways. Ignoring nature and its constituents will be like inviting our own death. It would be suicidal. Nature gives us so many things without expecting anything in return. We are so selfish that we take whatever we want but do not act to replenish the natural resources. Even a tree planting is a great gesture that we can present in this context. Abusing natural resources is a criminal act and our coming generations will suffer the after effects of all the wrong activities that the human are doing against the nature. It is time to awake to this awareness and those who are so far not contributed back to nature should now stand up and start doing some actions which will reinforce our environment. It is the need of the hour and failing that the whole human race will perish.
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