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    If work is worship do not make it worship with bad behavior

    Many of us are more concerned about our work and we target to finish the same in time so that no remark is passed for completion of same. If work is worship then one must be very careful and be cooperative with others down the line so that our work does not get hampered by the non-cooperation of others. And it is our duty to see that what we initiated has been done and completed in full, otherwise, the whole day's exercise would go waste. Even one bad behavior with others may cause stoppage of our work for obvious reasons.
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    Work is worship is a proverb . Who originated it. I am not confirmed about it. I think it was oriiated on Indian soil because importance of Karma is described in Indian mythological stories which tell that a person should work with complete dedication and devotion as he does worshipping and praying. A person who is engaged in work should concentrate and focus on his work as he does while performing prayer or worship in which he does not distract his mind from what he is doing.
    Anyways, our all activities concerning our responsibilities and duties we should be serious and completely dedicated and we should perform our work quite sincerely. We should cooperate with others as the author has also suggested and emphasised that mutual cooperation makes working environment smooth . I agree that there is need of mutual cooperation between working people as well as departments to have required outcome sucessfuly.

    When someone is too serious about performing his work he is regarded as a workaholic person . He becomes a machine who can't waste his time in any other activity except his work. He is utterly dedicated to his work. Work is worship is applicable to him without any ifs and buts.
    On other side, some people are just opposite to him.They run away from work. They like to spend their time performing other activities and waste their precious time. These people hate a workaholic. They pock fun at him. This becomes their mentality to disregard working environment and workaholics. They hardly succeed in constructive activities.

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    Work is worship. True. When you are working work with concentration and focus, how we perform the worship of God. Do the works systematically as designed or planned. Be careful. Work out even smaller details also. Never keep any loose ends. Then your work will give positive results. We perform worship with devotion. In the same way, work with devotion and never get disturbed while working,. This is what I understand from the proverb.
    Certain worships we may not be able to do on our own and we may perform under the guidance of a priest. In the same way when there are works that require help from others or guidance from others, never hesitate to contact them and take their help. That is the best way to get positive results. When collective group work is required you have to work as a member of the group and should work in cooperation with other members.

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    The work should be completed with coordinated effort and not with forced performance.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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