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    Time to manage mid-career crisis situations with tact

    By virtue of having served in various senior positions in HR in different organizations, some references are often made to me about some mid-career crisis situation in the past two months. Well, the virus is still very active and wage freezes have been announced in many places. Inflation is rising. Many have also lost their jobs.

    However, the mid-career crisis of existing employees is even more severe. In a particular case, an HR professional with several years of experience ( at least two decades) in various roles is now trapped in a fairly good food products organization. Since there is fresh competition from the unorganized sector and people have stopped buying the branded products in a big way, this fellow is not able to get his full salary. Changing his job is not at all easy, as the existing HR guys are somehow managing to stay put in their jobs, wherever they are. I counselled him to change over to an organization manufacturing paper in a North Indian destination. He has no choice. This organization has not been affected and the role is challenging.

    Similarly, those who have children well settled in good schools in metros like Chennai will do well to go anywhere in India, even if the transfer is to a corner of the country. The family should stay in the same place. No one should risk taking the family along, in these dangerous times, when the COVID menace is expected to last till the end of 2022, according to some experts. Even if the boss is a horrible guy, grin and bear it is the advice I often give to anyone who wants my advice.

    The family security is also very important in these tough times and it is stupid to be hasty in these tiems.
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    Sivakumar, don't you think your content lacks clarity? What are you trying to say? Let us leave aside the pandemic for the time being. The guy in your story has about twenty years of service in the food industry and you call it mid-crisis? He must be about to retire if I am not wrong. And where do these children studying in schools come into the picture? I suggest you clarify. Let not your thoughts and ideas go wild.
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    The author has raised a relevant issue which is nagging one's mind who is undergoing this situation. It is a big crisis before working people. A large number of people are already jobless. Employees who have spent much of their time in working for many years in any organisation are facing tough time as the freshers are ready to work on less salary on the same position they have been working in for decades or so. What these people will do and how they will support their family in case they lose their job indeed may be a big question before them. An aged person also find it difficult to adjust himself In any other working environment. When a person works somewhere for many years he becomes habitual to the organisation, working environment and employees also. If he has to shift to any other organisation his mind resist to adjust himself out there.

    Self employment is the best option especially for unemployed youth. I see several young guys are giving tuition to highschool and intermediate students and charging Rs 500/- per student. Gradually they are expanding their scope and are earning a handsome amount every month.They are earning more than many employees what they are earning while working in private sector. However , it takes time to establish yourself as a good tutor though but the students themselves advertise your ways of learning and treasure of your knowledge .

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    Not only in this pandemic situation but also any time it is better to look for a change after putting up a minimum service in the present organisation. In any private organisation, if you continue in the same organisation for long you may not get high increments and promotions. But when you change the job there will be a good increment in the pay packet. No management will give you money free. As long as you work they will keep you but the moment they feel that you are underperforming they never hesitate to ask you to get out. So learn to low your work but not the company as mentioned by our Ex-President Kalam Garu.
    As mentioned by the author when we change a job we may initially go alone there. But after settling down there we should think of shifting our family also. Otherwise, we will miss our family and sometimes unexpected complications may also come.
    There are many ways to overcome the difficulties but the sincere efforts of the individual are very much required. Just applying for the post is never sufficient.

    always confident

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    What I feel that everyone of us are now fit enough to manage and get along with any type of crisis. When the things are good we are not consulting anyone , like wise when the situation goes wrong and out of our sight, we cannot blame us nor anyone because we are sailing with others. Moreover the situation is not that alarming as claimed by the author and we can handle the crisis more deftly than expected. Only thing we need is the cushion of managing the things for that some one should give us the helping hand as succour. Nevertheless we are bouncing back to normalcy soon.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A query to our respected members, Arafat, Dr Srinivasa and Mohan, who have posted their responses here. What did you actually gather from the thread? Please understand that a response is equally valuable as a thread. Do not respond just by the title. Read the thread properly before posting your responses. I think there is no harm in skipping a thread if you have nothing more to add.

    Sivakumar, my doubt is still unanswered.

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    Sai Sir, kindly understand. The guy who has two decades experience in HR is different from at least four other cases where the man is confused about his children. I had clearly advised them to go alone and allow the children to study in the same schools. The guy in HR started in a small role, picked up a qualification from the National Productivity Council Chennai, became an executive and then gradually went on to occupy senior roles since his experience has been in industrial relations. He is 46 years old now and is at least 10 years away from retirement. To protect identities, I cannot reveal the name of the organization. I will give you another example. A HR guy working for an organization manufacturing a product called Sabeena was apprehensive that he might loose his job. This happened in 2008. He was advised to quit and join a cement factory in rural Tamil Nadu. His role was only slightly different but the job security was assured. When a good professional joined in the Corporate Office, he graduated to taking up value-added roles.

    Please do note. The situation I have described pertains to 11 eleven cases referred to me. Not everyone is in HR. Even production fellows are afraid what will happen.

    Just 30 mts ago, a couple of guys from IOB were very much worried what will happen when it is privatised. Rumor has it that HDFC is interested in taking over IOB. This game goes on and on. The problem happens when children are studying in schools in 7th or 8th standard in Padma Seshadhri or Vidya Mandir and so on. In each of the cases, the men are now very clear that they will go alone, if they change jobs.

    Worries are bound to be there. In "safe" jobs, if the boss is a horrible guy, I know how painful it can be. I had to grin and bear it. The boss had terrific influence with the Top Management and I was helpless. You just need to do your job and take care of the family. You never know what will happen with COVID still around.

    I hope I have clarified. Please do note that insecurity is even there in many "safe" companies like the TVS group. We really do not know when the markets will come back to the record levels, if at all.

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    Sivakumar, what are you trying to say? Your response at #725770 is all the more confusing. Please do not deviate from what you want to say. I still think you need to have clarity of thought. "The guy who has two decades experience in HR is different from at least four other cases where the man is confused about his children"... how and what are you trying to connect?

    Let me give you another chance to logically explain and connect your ideas.

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    Saji Sir. I think I have not communicated properly. The HR guy is now 46 years old. His case is different. There are four other guys, somewhere between 36 and 42 years old, who are having a tough time wondering whether they will lose their jobs. The men in each of the families are the persons am referring to. Each of their wives is employed or self-employed in some small way. For example, one of them owns a small bakery. This lady wants to join her husband who is likely to join a good job in Pune (referred by me). Now, the lady wants to just use her skills there. The problem is the language issue. Even if they are from CBSE schools, the children have chosen only Tamil. Hindi is the third language, but Marathi or Hindi might be compulsory there. And the children are in classes 6 and eight. But both children are now in Padma Seshadri. Since this person has substantial experience in Supply Chain Management, he wants to quit, as he is not sure about the market for his present organization.

    Each and every case is different, but the husband, that is, the man, wants to shift but the school problem presents itself. So, I have counseled them to first settle in a new place and then shift the family after one year.

    I hope I have now clarified. Each and every case is different. At least three are distantly related to me. However, as a part of my consultancy work, am also involved in lateral recruitment. There is no advertisement at all. Everything is through references. I have seen your mail just now. In the IOB cases, one of them is planning to shift to a job at Fincare Small Finance Bank. The list goes on and on. Now, to restate once again. The HR guy started from the basics. He even has a part-time MBA from a leading Chennai B-School. He has considerable experience.

    I hope things are clear now. Am now focussing only on the "urgent" cases. Where the market is good, for example, in the case of a Chennai-based tyre manufacturing company, I have advised the guy to be patient. The insecurity happens because of the external environment turbulence.

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    In a competitive business environment such crisis are common and it is not easy to change the job just like that. I do not think that jobs are available also like that. The challenges will always be there.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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