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    Planting a tree is better than purchasing a cage for having a pet bird

    Many of us are having a passion for having pets in our houses. We will have dogs, cats, fishes and tortoise in aquariums and parrots and other birds in cages. We feel very proud to have them. We show these pets to our guests and explain to them how many hardships we are taking to see that these pets are happy.

    But we always forget that a bird in the cage is never happy. A bird always wants to fly freely and come back home in the evening. So to have pet birds with you try to plant as many trees as possible in your house so that birds will come to stay on those trees on their own. But if you keep them in a cage they will be always thinking about how to fly away.
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    Though the author has given wonderful message through this post, I fear he must be getting rave comments from the bird pet lovers. Having a caged bird is the passion for bird lovers and they get motivated and get immense pleasure on seeing the bird in the cage and in some cases the birds do convey and talk in their own langauge with the master. By the way planting a tree is the noble cause as we enrihcing the oxygen for the future generation and every people appreciate and participate in mainitaining and nurturing a tree. Trees bring beauty and shade to the area and the air is filtered and there is no question of pollution around. In fact I would advise everyone to go for tree plantation on their birthday so that every birthday they can add one tree and be a green contributor to the cause of the society. Any takers from our members.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Keeping the pets in the house as free is somehow an acceptable proposition but keeping them in cage is not in a good taste. A bird wants to fly in the open sky and that is the utmost pleasure in its life. How we will feel if someone keeps us in a cage. Even if we get food in time, who will like that confined place. How does a prisoner like a jail cell? In his case we cannot leave him because he has done a crime. But why we should cage a bird which has not done any harm to us or not done any crime for which we are unnecessarily punishing them. We should be kind to these animals and not keep them in cages.
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    A good thread has been submitted by the author. Through this thread, the author has focused on two important messages. The first is that as just a human wants freedom in life, similarly other animal or birds also want an independent life. By keeping the birds locked in a cage, we can give them grain and water, etc. to eat, but can not give them happiness in life. The second important reference to afforestation. When we can understand the importance of trees in every way, then we should plant more and more trees now, by doing this we will not only help in giving shelter to the birds but will also contribute to purifying our planet environment. Whether it is the environment or animal and bird, man only hurts them by his direct or indirect intervention. It is prudent to maintain a balance with everyone, we all are a creature of this universe and life will be better when we respect all other creatures.
    Swati Sharma

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    I appreciate the author for raising his concern about taming animals and birds. This is normal mindset of human beings that we are superior to all creatures and these animals and birds can be kept in cage or tied with rope and tethered but we do not realise importance of freedom until we undergo this situation or poor condition. We happened to experience how free movement is important. During lockdown how we spent our days we should keep in our mind. How it became boring for us while being stayed behind the closed doors. In the same situation we should realise it how these animals and birds can be deprived of their freedom. These animals and birds want freedom. They are entitled to live freely - an uninterrupted life.
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