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    Who can be invited to be a visiting faculty to Universities?

    At present there has been a controversy going on in the news and social media that Neeta Ambani has been invited as the faculty to address BHU and on the other hand she has denied any such invitiation. Being a famous Industrialist herself, her experience and insights would be having greater impact on the students through her address or talks. But there has been politics seen in this matter and that made me to ask question to our members as to who are all can be invited as the special faculty to address by famed Universities. Please share your views.
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    I don't think she was invited as a visiting faculty. She told the press that she has not received any such proposal from BHU.
    A visiting faculty is a post for a period of a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 2 years. A retired university or college teaching staff or any other person who holds a good academic qualification and having good experience in the line can be appointed as visiting faculty. A teaching faculty of the same university after retirement can't be appointed as visiting faculty. A professor of another university can also be appointed as visiting professor of another university. The parent university has to give leave for this professor for that period without pay. The maximum age should be 70 years.
    A visiting Fellow can also be appointed. But the tenure may be a minimum of a week and a maximum of 3 months.

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    As an industrialist and with her background she may be eligible for the said post. But I don't think she will be accepting such an offer. People with experience in the industry will also be appointed as visiting professors in various universities based on their background.
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    Generally the visiting faculty members are the persons of repute in that particular area and are already teaching the subject in a reputed industry. Other than that if anyone is invited for a lecture then he or she is only a guest lecturer and not a faculty lecturer. In many conferences and seminars business people are called for keynote address or chairing a session but that is entirely different than the faculty lectures by a faculty visiting member.
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