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    Emerging second Corona wave a cause of concern

    The central govt and the state govts across the country are alerted for a possible second corona wave which could be more dangerous and can spread fast. In fact the health experts advise that double layer mask should be worn now and the social distancing is also must. Though India is embarking on biggest vaccination program and yet to cover all age and all people, the second wave cannot be contained if strict covid rules are forced upon by the agencies. And the coming summer seems to be more severe for the virus.
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    Yes, it is definitely a cause of concern. It seems people are going through what is called Covid fatigue and have got this attitude of fearlessness, of 'Why to get scared? If it happens, it will happen. We will take treatment and deal with it.' All caution has been thrown to the winds over the last couple of months.

    Just because State Governments allowed the opening up of public transport, restaurants, public grounds, etc people did not bother to follow the very basic and important requirement of wearing a mask. People also have merrily been attending parties and marriage functions, not bothering about masks at all. They are removing masks for selfies and group photos, here, there, everywhere. More scary than the pandemic itself is this attitude of the general public. Even political leaders and celebrities are not bothering about wearing masks.

    There is this huge ambience of negligence, apathy, and total indifference. They don't care that if they get it, others they interact with are also affected. They don't get it that Covid causes death. They have no awareness of the after-effects on various parts of the body (when you recover from it). Earlier, when we went to the market, we would try to explain the importance of wearing a mask or at least covering the nose and mouth properly with a handkerchief; after some months, we just stopped bothering due to the indifference. After all, how much to explain to grown-up adults? And what is all this urgency to get married, to travel in large groups to attend a religious function, to celebrate a birthday on a big scale, and so on?

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    To discipline our people for containing corona ha been a difficult task. Wearing mask property covering both nose and mouth properly and maintaining a safe distance of at least two meters have been the sincere advice to the people by the health workers and the government agencies in the past. We have seen its positive results in the past but unfortunately this could not be sustainable for long because of diminishing phase of corona marked two months back. Such a phase of its reversal could be noticed for long. However, our people were rather fed up with constant wearing masks and maintaining the safe distance in the present regime. This has created the scope of the surge of this virus again. It may further take its ugly form if we take this virus casually.

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    Now again we are listening about corona virus. It is being said that corona is surging onice again. I don't know what the real story is all about it. I don't understand why this news pops up again and again. If it was reality on the ground then our prime minister, home minister and ruling party leaders would not be mobilising people in political rallies. A few days ago our prime minister also addressed a big rally in West Bengal . How it is possible when there is danger of corona virus which is said to be more dangerous than previous surge is lingering around the country how our prime minister could allow any political rally let alone participating in these rallies. I can not accept that our prime minister would expose valuable lives of Indians to this virus. Lately home minister also conducted a political rally in this state. Chief Minister of the state is also attending rallies . When these responsible personalities are themselves attending rallies how I can believe that there is another dangerous surge of corona virus.
    But for the sake of our health we should trust and take all pre-emptive steps to cope with this virus and best way to cope with it is that we should use mask and stay away by a distance from the people. Thanks to government for vaccine in our country. I have not taken it yet but hope to have it soon.

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    People have learned during the last year that though it is a deadly disease but by taking suitable precautions there are fewer chances that one will get it. But people must understand that if it spreads at the same speed and ferocity as it did last time then there will be no escape and in spite of taking precautions one can get it and we must ponder over this incoming threat. The only solace is the speed of its spread. If due to some reasons not known to us if the speed is less and spread is contained in some time as happened last time then we should feel lucky about it. Vaccination will also take time to build immunity in the body and it is being told that after only 45 days from the first dose some immunity starts to develop so people should not believe blindly in the vaccine. It is only a probable safety measure and not a sure-shot one. So, take care and spread the message of wearing masks and keeping social distancing. Discipline will be the key factor now that will decide our fate.
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    It is really disturbing to see the increasing cases each day. People are least bothered and are very casual. I was in my native and recently travelled to Bangalore since I was called to office twice a week. In my native, things are less scary now and the entire district's new cases has reduced to a single digit number from 700-1000 cases per day. This declining cases has made people very casual as if the corona is completely gone and they carry out their daily tasks without any mask or social distancing and also all the parties and functions with more people. And few people have come to the terms that corona will be there for some more days or a year and for how long do we have to stop living our lives. People say we should learn to live with Corona and are taking things really for granted.

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    Just now came across the fact that 60 percent of new cases emerging only in Maharastra.
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    Just as the carelessness of the people is increasing, in the coming days this wave of Corona will come out with a more frightening form. After the vaccine is there, people feel as if they do not need to take care of themselves. Some people have even thought that what will happen if they infected from the corona, the treatment will be done and they will be fine People still do not understand that a virus that has already killed many people, negligence in its case is to harm themselves and their family.
    The government had also declared in January that even though the vaccine has arrived and the process of vaccination has started, caution is still the biggest remedy. Everyone was constantly advised to apply masks while going out of the house and also asked to continue using the sanitizer but the public did not understand. Today, the negligence of many people has given another chance to Corona that humans stay home again.

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    Yes. It is a real problem. Already in some parts of Maharashtra lockdown is in force. The total cases in the country are increasing. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana also there is an increase. But the maximum is in Maharastra.
    People have completely forgotten the problems faced during the pandemic. Many people are not following the minimum precautions also. People are travelling in sharing autos and crowded city buses without even wearing a mask. That is a really big crime they are doing.
    The vaccination is in progress. But many people are yet to get vaccinated. Doctors are advising people to wear a mask, maintain social distance and wash hands as frequently as possible. But many people are ignoring it. If a lockdown is implemented again all over the country we have to face a big problem. Financial hardships for people will increase. After something unwanted happens there is no use in blaming the government.

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    Another important point in this situation is that people should not think that Govt only has to do everything for containing the corona threat. It is, being a good citizen, our duty also to cooperate in the matter wholeheartedly. Anything can be achieved with cooperation if all of us decide to do that. One thing that comes to mind is we should immediately cancel all the social indulgences like birthday parties, functions in the house by calling guests, big gatherings of all kinds, marriage parties, etc, and even if someone invites please be bold to not go there and participate. This is a time to restrict our activities which are only for some fun and entertainment by gathering the people. Once the threat is contained and hopefully the vaccine becomes effective as perceived, we can have all the functions and spend that money which is forcing some people to celebrate even in the pandemic situation. Keep patience and when good times will come, you will get all opportunity to spend your money lavishly. Self-control and discipline is the only way at this time which can save us from falling in the adverse conditions.
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