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    BJP plans to horse trading in Kerala too?

    Kerala BJP state president K Surendran has always says that the BJP can form a government in Kerala if they gets 50 seats.If any party wants to rule in Kerala, it needs at least 71 seats . It seems that BJP is thinking to do horse trading in Kerala. Surendran thinks that if the BJP gets 50 seats here, it can snatch the remaining seats from Congress members. Surendran is saying this because Congress MLAs are fleeing to the BJP in many states. Congress President Rahul Gandhi once said that the BJP would seize power if it did not win by a good majority. What is it that Congressmen do not stand firm in Congress ?. Even many senior leaders are moving from the Congress to other parties.
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    Politics is nothing but your enemy and my friend concept and BJP is not doing something new which other parties were following since years. But BJP would not be targetting all into their fold but those who can suit to their ideologies and the rules of the party are welcome. Even in WB the party does not want bulk transfer of leaders from TMC to BJP , it only wants dedicated leaders. So Kerala too they are focussing on such leaders who can sustain the change of power and be instrumental to bring far reaching changes in the voters mind. The Kerala voters are more fed up with left parties and Congress and wants to give one big chance to the BJP and that is going to happen. By the way Kerala voters are well educated and well informed about the present politics in India and if they lag behind for the change then they would miss the bus of development.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Some of the politicians are very opportunists. They will see as wind is flowing in which direction and easily change their side quoting some statement in their own style. It is surprising that people also accept these politicians or leader with such inferior mind set. Anyway this is happening since time immortal and horse trading is not a new thing. Parties generally go for it when that is the last resort.
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    Sobha, it is not just planning. The BJP is already into action. Ex Congress MLA Shri Waheed has already made it public that he was approached by some BJP agents promising crores. Let me tell you that Modi and Shah Pvt Ltd has sold the crux of our democracy. It is no longer the voter's choice. Karnataka, Goa and Chattisgarh are just examples! The BJP is out to buy! It is business for them. Shame!

    Mohan, what ideology? What ethics? It is all about the transfer of money and power. Be with us and we will take care; be against us and we will see to it that you suffer. That is the motto.

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    Politics is a dirty game. Every political party wants power because it brings money,strength and stability. Horse trading is not new in politics but the rate of horses are in billions. When Mulayam Singh government was in need of support of MLAs our local MLA who was elected as an independent MLA supported Mulayam government. In return Mulayam Singh gifted him a car. But now a days leaders sell their support in billions. BJP is a rich party . It has power. It has men. It has money. It wants power in all states. Kerala is one of them but once BJP has decided to capture power in Kerala then it will manage to change everything in state. This BJP can do anything but I see if West Bengal is lost to BJP then farmers will cause downfall of BJP. And dream of winning Kerala will never come true.
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    Saji I appreciate your observation of current trend of politics and it is the fact that those who goes one step ahead in thought process and they win in Chanakya Nithi of politics. Those who are in power would never take any chance to get rid of it to other parties and those who yearning to gain or snatch power would go a mile further to explore new possibilities and tactics to gain the confidence of leaders to jump into their band wagon. Nothing wrong as long as decency and decorum is maintained and the leaders shift from other parties. More over the cult figure that matters here. Now the leaders in some parties have come into conclusion that the reputation of Rahul Gandhi going bad to worst at the national level and Modi's winning choice has become more sure, the shifting takes place naturally even without calling for.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have not raised this thread. There is a saying "poruthtahthu pothum, pongi ezhu" in Tamil. Literally translated into English, this means "enough of your patience; now raise and revolt". Saji Sir, has chosen to do so!! As usual, Mohan Sir has plunged into action. He has gone to any length to defend the great party that goes about doing all these atrocities, as if nothing has happened. In Tamil Nadu, one guy called Dr. Venkatesan was denied the State Assembly ticket from Madurai, as the seat was given to the Communist party. He jumped to the BJP and within hours was announced as the party candidate for the constituency!!

    This cannot happen to any other party. Fantastic ideology Mohan Sir. I really wonder why your other vociferous friends have not jumped to support you. What a great ideology!! What a great service to the nation!!!

    I have never seen an economic advisor who gives an interview in Tamil, speaking the typical Tamil Brahmin language to a Youtube channel, blaming Congress for the disastrous economic show in the pre-Covid phase. And when asked about the current situation, he is quick to blame it on the virus!! What a great economic brain we have in our country!!!

    Well, Madam and Saji Sir, my thousands of friends from Kerala have said that the BJP cannot do anything there. Mr. Vijayan is a far more honest politician and what he did during and after the floods cannot be so easily forgotten. With the highest literacy rate in the entire country, people of Kerala can easily see through the danger to secular values and will honestly decide to dump the party that is a big danger to the unity of the nation.

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    These days in politics there are no ethics. Their ultimate aim is to get into power. They pay many and purchase MPs/MLAs. This is happening for a long and no party is an exemption for that. Many TDP MLAs joined YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh and many Congress MLAs joined TRS in Telangana. I think it is high time there should be an act that any MLA or MP wants to shift his loyalties, he should do so only after resigning from the post he is holding. Then again he contests on the new party ticket if he wishes to do so.
    In this aspect, I appreciate our Ex-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who resigned for Prime Minister post for just short of one MP. He said if he wishes he can prove his majority but he is not interested in such activities. But we don't see such politicians these days at any party. All politicians want power and money. There is no place for morals and ethics. No party is an exemption for such acts these days.

    always confident

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