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    What would be your one choice for bringing in a new law covering that issue?

    We have a democratic system in which laws are enacted by the parliament. Some old rules which are required to be modified are modified accordingly and sometimes some new rules are added. Generally, this process goes through a long and thorough discussion in the houses of the parliament and then passed and then becomes a law. There are many old rules which still require a review and there are many issues that can be dealt with by devising new rules. To run the country sometimes some stringent rules also come into force. There are many things in which we all feel that the Govt should bring new and strict legislation. If you are given one choice to tell out of so many then what will be your desire that Govt should bring that change or enact that law in the parliament? As far as I am considered I feel that it is high time that we should bring a population control law for all the Indians living in this country. What would be your one single choice?
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    My single choice is to bring a law to curb defections from one political party to the other after getting elected on a particular party ticket. A member of the parliament or assembly is elected by the voters on some criteria. The elected members are changing parties for their own personal benefit. The political parties also encouraging such defections by offering them some benefit. These defectors are making a mockery of the democracy and the elections. If the elected members are honest all the problems of the country will be solved.
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    If one law which I want to be introduced and implemented forth with is the recovery of total loss of pubic assets and properties through the incited and sponsored either through a rally or protest or even during Bharath Bandh. The party which gave the call for protestor stir and the people involved there in are responsible to foot the the bill of losses. Because every time the stir takes place the mob turns restless and try to burn the buses, police vehicles and even private vehicles parked on the road. Such law would prevent the observance of stir and the damage cause thereof.
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    When the government is strong in centre . It can bring any bill in parliament and it can easily change it into a law. Discussion, debate, objection and such fomalities have no voice. How bills are opposed in both the houses but still these bills are passed. E.g. three farm bills. They were brought on the table in parliamnet during pandemic era. How these bills were opposed but they were passed and enacted. This is the responsiility of the government which bills should be brought in parliament. The author has asked us to choose one law to be made though parliament.
    People have no voice. They have no power except using their vote. But having been elected how these elected members of parliament or assemblies do or perform we can not check them. People have no power in their hands. I think it is impossible to make people powerful. If it is possible I would like to see a new law which gives power to people if they are not satisfied they can call their elected members back from parliament and assemblies

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    The days are changing and people are also changing. Once upon a time, people used to have fear of God and they used to value ethics and values. Many people are sincere in their work and many politicians are trying for the welfare of the people. But these days are different. No values or ethics. Earning money has become the only goal for all. The way how they are earning is not important for many these days. That is why we seeing more and more indiscipline is coming into the country. The government should bring in more rigid rules and regulate people so that dharma will have its place in our lives.
    Population control, defection from one party to another party, corruption, women harassment control are some points that need to be addressed immediately. So bringing in new laws and controlling them is very much required. The government should think in those lines.

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    In our country, the salary of individuals is either fixed according to the laws of the organizations or through the pay commissions constituted by the government from time to time. The MPs and MLAs enjoy every benefit and surprisingly fix their own salaries. This should not be and the law must be enacted in which the salary of the parliamentarians/legislatures should be fixed according to the economic situation of the country for a certain financial year. If the economic situation is poor the salaries must be modified accordingly because the economic situation of any country is an indication of how a government functions. A poor performance will result in a pay-cut and a good performance will be suitably rewarded.

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