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    Taking medication without a prescription is harmful, yet why do people make this mistake.

    Often when a person is ill and is prescribed some medicines by the doctor, after which the person gets well and hence many people are able to maintain their prescription so that in case of any emergency in the future, If they are unable to go to the doctor immediately, then take the same medicine. It is okay to do this to some extent, but in today's time, there should not be any kind of carelessness about health. People do the greatest carelessness many times when they give the medicine prescribed to them to other people as well. We know that there are some medicines that are common in which doctors prescribe to a particular age group, but still, each person's body has its own different abilities and immune system. Sometimes, the patient may have sugar, BP, thyroid, etc. it can also be a problem in such a situation, even if two people are of the same age and both have a normal fever, then also anyone should not be given the same prescription drug, without medical advice.
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    The author has raised a good issue. Often it is heard that someone has taken some medicine from medical store and the medicine has reacted then he is rushed to hospital or a doctor's clinic.
    I agree with the author we should not take medicine until it is suggested by a doctor or a medical practitioner. It is not carelessness I think it is foolishness. We should not compromise with our health.

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    No two bodies are identical in terms of immunity and other parameters. Hence any body taking medicine as suggested by his friends might not produce favourable result as anticipacted. Sometimes, the results could be disastrous needing immediate steps to admit the patients. At least, the doctor could decide the minimum doses of a particular brand before being administered a particular medicine. He takes care of a patient with the start of the minimum dose and later the doses are upped according to the requirement of the body. Your friend or your well wisher cannot go to that length before offering you a medicine.

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    When we go to a doctor then he examines us in details and asks some questions. That helps him for making a diagnosis and sometimes he tells us about the ailment which is not understood by us but as he gives us a prescription we go and buy medicine. This is the normal way of visiting a doctor. Problem comes when we do not go to a doctor and buy some medicines without a prescription. This is always a risky thing and we should refrain from this.
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    It is the fact that without doctors valid prescription we should not have any medicine and the medical shop would also demand the same. But over the period of time when the chemists himself well informed about what medicine for what ailment, the people would take advantage of their close contact with him and get the medicines. Even I had taken many such medicine of course confirmed by the combinations of the same. Now a days the generic medical shops are giving medicine without any doctors slip and thus many are avoiding doctor fees and taking the medicines with guarantee and sure cure.
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    Self-medication is a dangerous thing, it must be stooped. Taking medicine without consulting a doctor could be fatal. A common man doesn't know about medicine therefore, without the advice of a doctor, the patient should not take the medicine and should be careful about his health.
    It has become a common trend when people feel slight acidity and they start taking medicine without consulting a doctor or if a person feels a headache he takes paracetamol to cure his headache. There can be many reasons for a headache, taking medicine without consulting a doctor is immensely unfortunate.
    Don't take medicine without the advice of a doctor or it may leave you with different bigger ailments. Stop self-medication and stay healthy.

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    True. It has become a habit for many Indians. For any small problem, we will go and take medicine as per our understanding. The reason for this is mainly due to the way these days doctors are treating people. When we go to a doctor simply he will write a prescription without even observing our BP and pulse rate also. By hearing our symptoms he will make the prescription. So the first time when we go to the doctor the medicines prescribed by him will be remembered and next time when a similar problem comes we will use the same medicine. Another culprit is the internet. You can search on the internet based on your symptoms and you can take the medicine as mentioned there. It is not a correct practice. In many foreign countries, we will not get medicines if there is no prescription from the doctor.
    But certain medicines are not allowed to be sold in India also if the doctor is not giving in writing to use that particular drug. The system should be extended to almost all medicines so that the side effects of using unwanted medication will be reduced.

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    For becoming a qualified doctor one has to work hard for 5-6 years for getting the medical degree and then some practice of medical work and then only one becomes qualified and experienced to prescribe a medicine to the patient. When a person goes to the doctor he tells about his ailment but doctor simply listens that and then starts his own investigation by asking some questions and seeing the outwardly symptoms and manifestations. There are so many diseases in the body in which the outwardly symptoms are almost similar so doctor sometimes cannot tell anything and will prescribe some general medicines and ask the patient to come in 3-4 days for re-examination. If the patient is feeling better than it is all right but otherwise the doctor gets alarmed and asks for some basic tests to be done to pinpoint the ailment. So that is the correct procedure for a diagnosis. If a person is suffering from some common headache and colds etc then self medication can work but how one is sure that this is only limited to that and not connected to something serious inside the body. That is the reason why it is better to take the advice of the doctor rather to go for over the counter (OTC) medicines after reading and referring a small paragraph in the internet about that symptom.
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    This is good but really a thinkable issue. Many people take medicines on their own, some get medicines from the pharmacy by telling their problem. This is mainly because of, according to me,
    1.high amount of fees charged by doctors
    2. non-availability of doctors at needy hours or nearby.
    3.fear whether doctors drag for further tests.
    4.Lack of free government medical centers nearby.
    In the early years there are doctors freely approachable and with nominal fees.

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