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    As a nation, why are we so obsessed with physical beauty?

    Check the gossip pages of any magazine in any Indian language, juicy stories about the actresses appear with monotonous repetition. Every Tom Dick and Harry goes tom-tom about some pose or the other of these women on social media. The circulation of the best of these photographs showing the physical beauty of the actress goes into several hundreds of thousands. Day in and day out, as a nation we seem to wait for the new photos from the women concerned.

    Even in families, the ones who are beautiful and also dress very well, are highly appreciated. Ditto for handsome men. They are the subject of some gossip or the other. Of course, such men are rare but beautiful women are not. However, after a few years, in many cases, the women are not able to preserve their beauty for whatever reason ( no offense meant), and the gossip returns to more beautiful young women.

    Is this obsession with beauty not excess in our society? One does not hear such stories from the advanced West. At least, gossip about beauty does not seem to be there.
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    Attractive women attract opposite gender likewise attractive men attract opposite gender . It is not new or unpreeseted trend . I disagree with the author for his chosen title of this thread . This trend on social media or magazines can't be attributed to "As a nation". Most of these young people are followers of celibrities. This trend is not confined to Indian youth only even in western countries young generation is crazy for celibirities .
    The author is taking this matter beyong celibirities, he is generalising this matter. So what if this young generation likes to do womenisation of social media or print media. This is their life and how they like to enjoy let them do. Why we should bother about it. Although I am not interested in such trends yet I dont object or preach others to do what I say. Who I'm to stop them from having them fun. Let them enjoy . After a few years they'll change .

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    I don't think that as a nation we are all obsessed with physical beauty. There may be some who have a liking for physical beauty. That should not mean that the whole country is like that. The people are having many problems and they spent their time in solving those problems and many of the youth in their 30s are now have no time to think even about their beauty and other aspects. Students who are still not having responsibilities may be thinking about that.
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    It is the fact that Indians are changing to highly fashion conscious in the recent past they try to make stye statement either with looks, physical beauty, selecting ethnic clothes, showing off their wonderful hair styles and finally wearing costly foot wear and so on. The thing is most of the Indians are yearning for appreciation and applaud from others for their looking good and adorable. Even when you silently observe the jewel selection by the ladies they keep on trying the jewel models and try to ascertain the feed back of the shop sales person as to how it suits her. Such is the obsession of great looks and beauty from her women folks. And regarding saree selection also they go miles for away to fetch the color and combination they want no matter it costs much and that is the foolish behavior we watch in many.
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    The physical beauty is sensed by humans based on the appearances and it is a natural thing that opposite sexes attract each other. It is also a deeply embedded natural instinct in the people whether they are males or females to admire the outwardly physical beauty. It is not our plan to do so, it is spontaneous and comes from within. The whole industry of glamour, fashion, and celebrity hype is based on this single attribute of attraction towards beauty. Interestingly, the attraction of the outward beauty is sometimes so intense that people ignore the inner deficiencies and shortcomings in a person. They only see the outside glamour and glitter. Page 3 is all about that and now due to the evolution of social media these people have got a big place to showcase all the glamorous activities which attract the attention of the people. This tendency was even prevalent in old times where the artists used to depict the beautiful paintings and glamorous pictures for the pleasure of the rich people who paid good money for these creative and attractive wall hangings.
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    When the author is much interested to share food items that are very delicious and tasty in his own home town or in Chennai, what is harm in looking at beautiful personalities that God has created. Life is to enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of the nature, beauty of the human beings, beauty of the animal beings, and enjoy everything that is liked by us.

    The author is totally wrong with his presumption and assumption about the beauty of the celebrities that everyone loves in our country. This is not a national interest. The world loves Indian beauty, Indian culture and customs.

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    I would say that a number of industries are surviving on the very concept of beauty which gets enhanced by use of so many cosmetics and other measures. The fashion and glamour industry was there and will exist in future also. So, how can we neglect or ignore this big area just because beauty is an outward thing and only has some appearance value. Page 3 is a livelihood for many and at the same time there are more umber of people who cannot have their day complete without going through that page. Some leading world glamour magazines will also close down if people ignore this area completely.
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