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    Parent’s understanding is the biggest gift

    Ruhi was the only child in a middle-class family of Mr. and Mrs. Sharma in Ahmedabad. Although Ruhi was in 11th standard, she was very much pampered by her grandmother, who was staying with them only. Her grandmother used to prepare a variety of Parathas for her. Mrs. Sharma was a tutor and Mr. Sharma was a clerk in a bank. Both of them were having dreams to make their daughter a doctor and Ruhi never said anything against it. Things were going smoothly till the grandmother died of a sudden illness. Ruhi was completely broken and was missing her grandmother and her tasty Parathas a lot. One day while cleaning her room, she found a very old diary titled "Parathon ka Khazana". She opened it and found that her grandmother has written all her recipes in that diary. She now wanted to prepare Parathas following the recipes of her grandmother but she knew that her mother won't allow her to cook as she wanted her to study really hard to become a successful doctor. So Ruhi decided to try cooking at the night.
    The next day, Mrs. Sharma found the kitchen messed up with flour and other things. The Roller board and pin were also not in place. She asked Ruhi about the same in anger and Ruhi admitted her actions. Her mother scolded her for wasting her time in the kitchen. Ruhi then shared about her wish to learn to prepare different types of Parathas just like her grandmother. This made her mother infuriated. She called Mr. Sharma to complain about Ruhi's wish. Mr. Sharma was getting late for the office so, she asked Mrs. Sharma to prepare breakfast and assured her that he will talk to Ruhi about the same.
    In the evening, when Mr. Sharma reached back home, Mrs. Sharma was taking tuitions and Ruhi was studying in her room. He went to Ruhi's room and discussed the matter tenderly. Ruhi expressed her true wish to learn to prepare parathas. She said that she will manage her studies along with learning cooking and promised her father to score well. Mr. Sharma observed her confidence in her eyes and pampered her saying, "Yes dear, do whatever you feel like doing, we will always support you." He convinced her wife in the night to support her daughter. Her mother realized that she was extra strict on Ruhi and should give her some space for what she wants to do.
    The next day when Ruhi came back from school, she found a gift on her table in her room. She surprisingly took it and opened it. Her eyes were wide open after finding a beautiful pair of roller board and pin in the gift box. She immediately ran towards her mother and hugged her tightly. Although she was happy that her parents understood her wish, her eyes were in pain of missing her grandmother.

    1, I used the photo posted by Dr. Deepali.
    2. This my entry for the Photo challenge creative writing contest - Part 2
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    The story seems to be a typical Bollywood Hindi movie in which a girl of 11th standard is on a mission to learn how to cook paratha like her grandmother but her mother treats her as if she're a step mother creates problems in her way but ultimately her father helped her to complete her mission. And the story ends with all is well.
    Followings points may be summed up.
    - The author said that it is a middle class family but I think it is closer to lower middle class family because the man is a clerk and woman is a tutor.
    - Grandmother is shown as paratha expert but she did not teach her grand daughter how to cook delicious paratha.
    - Ruhi doesn't try to learn how her grandmother cooks paratha.
    - The mother is a careless woman. Does she not know that Ruhi likes to eat paratha?
    - She has to cook paratha for her daughter after the demise of her mother in law .
    - She is a short-tempered woman.
    - Mr Sharma is considerate. He understands his daughter much better than Mrs Sharma.
    - Eventually Mrs Sharma becomes a good mother. She allows her daughter to cook parathas.
    - I think Mrs Sharma should also learn how to cook tasty paratha by readin diary of mother in law . In this way Ruhi can save her time for study.

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    The author has well connected the photo contest and brought in the heading which is the universal acceptance. Many of the children in the world are suffering from the unique problem that the parents are not giving their valuable time and understanding their plight and challenges and thus sulks inside. While the father becomes the friend of any child and they would like to discuss and find solution to any problems they face, it is the mother who takes the final call and if the mother is not adhering to the child demand and expectancy, then the entire life would be miserable One thing is sure mother is always with the child and she should be sure enough to understand the dire needs and challenges of the child, otherwise the child would feel missed in the life and that would be hectic phase to bring out of isolation.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A well conceived and well composed creative story by the author. The connection of the child with the grandmother was so intense that to remember her she was ready to learn something that the grandmother did so proficiently and so regularly to keep the child happy. The psychology of the child sometimes exhibits like that only which shows how much the child was emotionally attached to her grandmother and it is natural to be like that as she spent so much time with her. The parents must understand this fact and should not dismiss the sentiments and feelings of the child just like that in a casual manner. Every child has a tender mind and soft thinking about the family members and in these precarious moments we should honour their feelings and make them progress ahead in that particular direction which satisfies their internal urge to do something to remember that person.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good story. Parents should try to understand the likes and dislikes of their children and encourage them accordingly. In this story, the girl is good. She accepted and promised that she will study well and fulfil the desires of their parents and requested them to allow her to work in the kitchen for some time. We should appreciate her. These days many young girls never show any inclination towards spending some time in the kitchen. Rather they feel happy to spend that time on their smartphone. But Ruhi is different. Really her parents are lucky.
    As a father, Ruhi's father did an excellent job by understanding the strong desire of his daughter and he has taken the pains of convincing his wife and finally, Ruhi got the chance to work in the kitchen. Ruhi's mother also deserves an appreciation as she understood the words of her husband and helped her daughter by purchasing a new pair of roller board and pin. That will give very good encouragement to the child and she will definitely do her best in both areas. A good story in all respects.

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    A very good story has been presented by the author. The parents of the world, whether it is rich or poor or middle class, all have the desire of parents to give their children a happy life and take care of their small happiness. Every parent starts their own efforts at their own level so that children can have a good future. The part of the story in which the diary is mentioned is very interesting, especially the name of the dairy, "Paratha ka Khazanaa", In the end, the way Ruhi is happy to see her gift, but her parents also happier when they give this gift to her. Let's see happy. The relationship between parents and children is like that today parents understand the feelings of their children without saying it and it is the duty of the children to grow up and understand the feelings of their parents.

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