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    There is no greater magic than love and faith.

    Rohan hails from a middle-class family. He is exceptionally intelligent in his studies and his dream is to become a great chemist. His mother always encouraged him to do better in his studies. She always explained to Rohan that there is no greater blessing than love and I have full faith in him.

    Rohan is pursuing his chemical science degree from XYZ Engineering college. After regular classes, he spends most of his time in the library. One day Rohan was going to the library, so engrossed in his thoughts that he suddenly bumped into a girl. He apologized to her for his mistake and said, "Please forgive me. Don't know where my attention was? Did you get hurt?" The girl smilingly replied, "Never mind. I can understand that science students sometimes get lost in their thoughts and ignore many beautiful things around." After this incident, he started thinking about love and remembered his mother's words that love is the biggest blessing in this world.

    Now Rohan starts inquiring about the girl. He finds that the girl's name is Kavya, who is pursuing a degree in Physics and is from a very wealthy family. One day Rohan dares to express his love for Kavya, despite knowing that the girl is from a rich family. Kavya also smiled at Rohan and said that she also likes him very much. But she wants us to make a good career by completing our studies first. Kavya says, "Rohan I have full faith in you that one day you will become a great chemist and I promise that I will marry you. There is no greater power than true love. One day we will be in a bond of love."

    Now the day of the college's farewell ceremony had arrived. All headed for a new future with their college degrees. Rohan was looking for Kavya to congratulate her on the physics degree. Rohan could not find Kavya anywhere. Rohan returned home disappointed. Seeing Rohan's chemistry degree, his mother was very happy and blessed him. A few days later, Rohan finds that Kavya has gone abroad. Rohan half-heartedly joined a chemist's job at a reputable company, where his job is to make a high-quality ink that can be used for many years. Rohan was always restless waiting for Kavya.

    While working on the ink project, Rohan recalls Kavya's words saying that one day we will be in a bond of love. Now Rohan works day and night with new energy and invented a higher level of ink. He is invited to be rewarded abroad for this great invention. He sees that the Kavya is also present here. Kavya is also rewarded in physics for inventing a pen, which can hold and refill the ink when necessary.

    In this way, ink (Rohan) and pen (Kavya) bonded in love, married, and came in a pair.

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    The author has created wonderful heading out of photo contest and leads to greater meaning if interpreted in real sense. It is the fact that the entire world is woven and get going with the love and that is deeply penetrated to create greater faith. If the faith is created and that would be long lasting unless and until misgivings are reported otherwise the relations would be ever lasting and growing. And how the love is developed and created is another subject matter because we fail to get into love with all whom we met. It is the interconnection of heart and soul and the deep understanding of same thinking line that forces and guides to the love. And once the love is developed it would be unshakable and ever growing criteria and that would sustain and brings in lots of faith and trust and thus becomes the ever lasting living being.
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    The author has weaved a nice story using the theme of a pen and ink. The underlying message in the story is very impressive. If the love is true and is not limited to the physical attraction and infatuation then it sustains long and I have seen in many cases where the boy or the girl had waited for each other for so many years and that sacrifice had in fact strengthened their love and bonding only. The sign of real love is to sacrifice for each other and wait for the opportune time to showcase it. It is also true that true love encourages and inspires people to achieve something in their lives so that then they can show to their would be partner that they deserve that relationship.
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    This is the first thread which narrates a love story of a young couple. Both are students. They like each other . But after some time the girl disappaer somewhere without informing him . How it is possible that they promise each other to be United as a couple but in this modern age they don't carry mobiles. It is unbelievable and unreal relationship. However, this story may be summed up asunder.
    - Rohan,the hero of this story hails to a middle-class family.
    - His dream is to become a chemist.
    - His mother is a love guru who teaches him how important loving a girl is.
    - His father is nowhere In this story
    - He spends his time in library.
    - When he bumps into a girl while coming from library. Her comments are quite hilarious that science students bumps into girls for being lost in thoughts . How she has known about him that he is a science students ? Her statements that they don't heed to beautiful girls hint something else. It means she already knows about him fairly well.
    - His mother's thoughts and girl's thinking about love is identical.
    - She promises him to get marry after successrul career.
    - They did not exchange their phone .numbers.
    - All of sudden she leaves Rohan for showing no reason. It is not digestible.
    - Eventually , physics and chemistry meet each other on a foreign land.
    - Rohan married his dream girl without informing his mother . How strange of him !

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    A good story and the comment made by the girl in the story, about science students, is very nice and apt also. I have seen in many colleges, the arts and commerce students enjoy much better than the science guys. Science guys always try to be in the good books of their lecturers as the practical examination marks will be in their hands and chances of scoring more marks there are very high.
    Many people say when you desire something very strongly, that will come to you without fail. So the stronger the desire the greater the chances of fulfilling that desire. The same is proved in the story. Both lovers got awards for their inventions and they were united in that function.
    Probably the girl going abroad without telling the boy made all the difference. If she told him and gave him the address, they may be in contact and they may not be concentrating on their work. As there is no contact address the boy couldn't contact her and concentrated more on the work.

    always confident

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    Though the story is proceeding in a lucid way where both have got the perfect pairs and this was beyond their expectations. Both were the intellectual mates having their eyes on achieving their goals ignoring the hurdles coming in their ways. Rohan relied upon the promise of the girl that they would be united one day making a permanent alliance.
    However, it was nothing but a turning point point in their lives when Kavya made a good bye from Rohan's life without letting him known of her whereabouts.
    Rohan was upset for the time being but later recovered from that sad phase and dedicated himself in his research activities finally inventing a superior quality of ink leading him to a recognition of his creativity in the abroad. Incidentally his beloved was available there to receive a prize for her own creation - pen. The duo ultimately met their objectives as formulated by his beloved Kavya.

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    Hi, @Arafatuzzafar essence of this story is love, faith, and belief. The mysterious disappearance of Kavya is the real twist of the story, which is interpreted by the members in their comments.

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    Faith and love are really a compulsory requirement to a human. I read a story:
    Once a king was on the way to another city along with his Minster. On the way they felt very tired and hungry. they sat under a tree. The Minister was very pious and strong belief that God will take care of any at all times. So, he was sitting under the tree by chanting the names of God. King got annoyed and asked him to come with him to the nearest village for availing something to eat. Minister refused and the king himself moved. By seeing the king the nearby villagers offered many things to eat. King, as felt severe hungry, ate well and said thanks to them. Before he leaving from there he realized the Minister's hungry he took some food for him. He saw the minister under the tree by still uttering God's names. Laughing King told, 'See I went there and got a good food but with your belief you are still here with hungry.'. Minister calmly replied, 'Oh King, My uttering God's name is great as I am getting food through the hands of a great King.'

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    Hi, Ramachandran Pattabiraman thanks for sharing a good story about faith and love. I agree for humans these are very vital qualities. There are many stories of such incidence where love and trust yield uncommon outcomes that are not less than any magic.

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