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    Will Modi government starve the people to death?

    More than 3 crore ration cards have been canceled in the country for not being connected to Aadhaar. The Supreme Court itself has said that this is a very serious matter. The cancellation of the ration card has led to starvation in many states. In many states, 10 to 15 lakhs cards have been canceled. Famine is widespread in most parts of the country. There should be a solution to this as soon as possible. Do not allow people to starve to death.
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    The government has given sufficient time for each and every Indian to get an Aadhaar card. Many years have passed. Aadhaar card can be procured easily. Yet people are reluctant to make their Aadhar card and link it with the ration card. This is to check and cancel the duplicate illegal cards. There are many families holding duplicate ration cards. All the 3 crore cancelled ration cards must be duplicate and illegally procured cards.

    The ration card holders who have not linked it with Aadhar card must be duplicate cards.

    Modi government is doing well and keeping a thorough check on fraudsters and cheaters. No one will starve and die in our country, because of ration card cancellation.

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    If the ration cards are cancelled the authorities would have varified the authenticity of the same before taking that harsh decision. By the way the poor of the country are already issued of the ration cards and new additions are being carried out. And those who are affordable and yet avail the the ration are those who make new cards and the govt on scrutinizing get it deleted. So this issue need not be proved out of proportion. And by the same govt was hailed and appreciated during the lock down period when free rice, free wheat and free dal was provided for six months and that was not commended. I what way the author thinks that Modi govt has taken this decision. It is the policy decision of concerned department to which they have the explanation. And again new card demand would be made and given also,
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    The government is warning the people for a long and asking them to get their Aadhaar cards. Now even in villages also mee seva centres are ther wherefrom the persons can apply for their Aadhar. Why they are not doing.
    In many villages, even rich people also are getting these ration cards. The cards are made in the name of the wife and they will show zero or minimum income to her. Many such cards only are not linking their Aadhar as their identity will come out and their ration card might get cancelled. The real poor people who want to get the ration are getting their Aadhar cards and linking the same with their ration card.
    The government is extending a facility for the poor and some people are trying to misuse and get favours. That is not correct thinking. The wife and husband will be the same family and why there should be two separate cards one on the name of the husband and the other on the name of the wife.
    If there are any real sufferers are there, they should go and get their Aadhar as quickly as possible and link the same with the ration card. The officials will definitely help such people who really deserves,

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    Especially the adamant states like West Bengal where the Aadhaar is not yet completed and the state govt does not give credence and therefore cancelling ration cards was must.
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    I do not think what our Members have pointed out is true at all. Please do read the Supreme Court judgment. The Chief Justice has opined that in the rural areas where the connectivity was so poor, the extremely poor people who are by and large illiterate have got their ration cards canceled. This has not happened in Tamil Nadu. Why? Because the ration shops did the job so easily and within seconds. There should have been a simple arrangement to get this done. But the Government has done nothing and has totally failed in this respect.

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    Enough time was given to the people to update and buy the provisions through ration and if the people does not buy the cards bound to be cancelled and this happened in TS.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is possible that the specific number of Ration Cards that were cancelled have been exaggerated, but that is really not relevant. What is relevant is the moot point - should hunger be associated with an Aadhaar card? If you are the owner of a ration shop and there is a person standing in front of you getting what is as per her/his right on the basis of the ration card to feed the family, should you turn away that individual? The ration card itself is an official document that proves your nationality and entitles you to certain subsidies. What is the need for the Aadhaar to be linked with it?
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    Exactly, Madam. I really do not know how our members are totally insensitive to the fact that the Supreme Court has itself raised a number of questions and pulled up the Government. It is the duty of the Government of the day to make things very simple like they did in Tamil Nadu. We all received SMS messages, the local TV channels talked about it day in and day out and the entire process took seconds when we presented our Aadhar card. To this day, we have not heard a single starvation death in Tamil Nadu or in Kerala.

    Wherever the mistakes have happened, they should be rectified. If there is a real case, the particular family has to be compensated. This cannot go on and on. I really do not know how some members jump to defend every mistake of the Government, knowing fully well that there are several yawning gaps in the way things are done by this Government. Let us only pray that things are done better and everything is set right quickly.

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    The Aadhaar authentication to the ration card has become necessary because any of the family member can go and fetch the ration across the state and this is the advantage.
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    It is true that a lot of time was given by the government, but the government and other departments should also understand that the class that is given the facility of ration card is already very backward and it takes time to reach all the information. Even after getting the information, due to lack of knowledge of proper action and procedure, such people are not able to do the formalities on time. The responsibility of the government is not only to bring changes in the law but also to make that law reach the people.
    Swati Sharma

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    The ration cardholders are poor people. It is an insensitive act of the Government to cancel the cards. The Government should have taken the initiative to get the ration cards linked to their Aadhaar card. In that process, the bogus cards could have been found and cancelled. Most of these poor people are illiterates. It is for the Government to approach them instead of cancelling them. This is an insensitive Government.
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    The main concern of corporates in the country was 'leakage' in welfare schemes. When Modi came to power, it became a concern of the Modi government as well. They found a way to avoid 'leakage'. Connect everything to Aadhaar. The connection between the ration card and the Aadhaar may be to prevent 'leakage'. But the bad news of starvation in the country began to be reported.
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    It might be a step to curb the fake cards within circulation and adhering to that process, such an initiative has been taken up. However, our people in the villages are not aware of the procedures to remain connected with the Ration Distribution System. They need to be trained accordingly by some government agencies. What our member has suggested for the streamlining of Ration Card formalities in Tamilnadu is quite encouraging where the distributer takes care of such helpless people. The beneficiaries would not have to exert any pain in this connection.

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    Let us not blame the government. Our government gave ample time for the ration card holders to link their cards with their Aadhaar cards. This is done in the rationshop itself. If people do not have their Aadhar card, it is not the fault of the government that issues card 24x7.
    I think the information is wrong with exaggerated numbers. Linking Aadhar with Ration card is to identify fake ration cards and cancel them.

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    I am very happy that the Supreme Court has taken this as a serious issue. The court also issued a notice to the Government.
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    Ration card belongs to the primitive ages when there was no Aadhar card and no authentication required for it except some basic data. When some members of the family shifted to other place the old card was being used by the remaining persons for a long time. It was the most misused document in our country and there were a large number of bogus ration cards in the country. So people will not starve to death but some people who were getting more ration will now either get little or not get if their income is high which they never disclosed. Aadhar and PAN are authenticated document and anything linked to it will disclose all the secrets which is proverbially called as letting the cat out of the bag.
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    The author has made a very interesting observation and I feel that in our country a time would come when a person would starve to death if he does not have an Aadhar card irrespective of how many ration card he may be having. Ration card is issued by the state Govt and they do not have any digital control or data depository backing it and it has become a tool for vote collection and appeasing the lower strata of the society though many higher level people are also enjoying these facilities. Even if the digital data is there, the state to state correlation is not there. It is high time that ration card should be abolished and grains should be given to the public based on the Aadhar card data. The idea of Aadhar card was that only but when it was linked to the banks account of the black money and havala money holders, they went to the Supreme court against it and tried to stop the progression of Aadhar card. Remember, black marketeers and havala money makers are more intelligent than the Govt and will oppose any scheme which makes a digital control on such people. Anyway due to political compulsions ration card might stay there for some more time in spite of so many ambiguities.
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    Can you imagine that a family is facing starvation and a hapless mother goes to ration dealer and asks for food to feed her children and since there was no connectivity and the dealer refused to give ration to the woman he had no connectivity. She kept on requesting but he didn't give ration to her. As a result her son died of hunger. It is real . It happened. Later on when the news spread that the boy had died of starvation then administration supported her .
    The author has raised the issue of linking Aadhar card with ration card but if connectivity is not in a village ration is not given to card holder. This is the ground reality. Earlier when there was no such system ration dealers would have fake ration cards and they would earn a good amount by using them and the share would be distributed among concerned officials and staff .
    Now after introduction of Aadhar card tactics of earning money has been changed.
    As far as the issue raised by the author is concerned there is nothing in linking Aadhar card with ration card but cancellation Aadhar card means they are deprived of getting ration. I hope that concerned department will look into this matter . They may make arrangement for creating Aadhar cards for these people. It will be great help for these people.

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