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    Marriage can be simple but guests should get good hospitality

    Before pandemic and now in this days the marriages are being performed lavishly giving more details to decoration, dressing and overall grandeur. But what is the use of such marriage when the guests are not looked after well? Right from their arrival to departure, the guests should be made to feel at home. People do not understand this and keep on giving invitations and forget to give the best hospitality. What is your view on this?

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    Guests are very important. Athidhi Devo Bhava is what our Hindu religion tells us. The guest is a God to us. So whenever a guest comes to our house even on normal days also should be treated very well. We should host them properly.
    When we have special ceremonies or functions we invite many of our relatives to come and witness the function. As a host, it is our responsibility to see that they will be comfortable during their stay at the function. But when the gathering is very high, the host may not come to meet all the guests, But he should depute somebody to receive all the guests and see that they are comfortable during their stay.
    The host should depute somebody to see that all the guests will have food before they leave and they will have a comfortable time in the function. I agree with the author in this aspect 100%. You may be very rich and you may be offering very good return gifts but your hospitality is desired more than the return gifts.

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    Marriage should be simple, so here simple means really simple. It should be a registered marriage only and there should not be any decoration, lighting, food, etc. Only entertaining the relatives or friends in terms of tea snacks may be provided by heart. If such rules are there , I think that will be the right marriage ceremony system and there will be fewer divorce cases that occurred due to demands of dowry.

    Now the author has pointed out that after the invitation, there is a lack of hospitality. Yes, it is a common factor almost in every marriage party, they are mainly busy with the guest of the groom party and others are neglected. Hence there is one alternative for all of these i.e. registered marriage with no party.

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    Registered marriage with no party is something stange reaction from Dhruba.
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    The guests are also a very important part of any gathering and it is imperative that we should take care of them to the minutest details so that they remember the hospitality throughout their lives. At the same time in the pandemic times it is better to go for registered marriage wearing a mask and avoid any type of party or get to gather. Once the threat is over and virus is contained then on the first/second or third marriage anniversary have a grand function, spend as per your financial condition, entertain the guests in the best possible manner and also spend on show off also if you like so because without that modern society and relatives do not get impressed of your wealth and well being. Do everything you like but for God sake do it after this pandemic. Bear it for some time and all fun and frolic will be there for you in the future. We have to set examples in the society so that others follow it.
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    We should choose our guests very carefully, many times in the wedding ceremony people also invite additional people to show off their prestige, but when it comes to making a good arrangement for the guests to feel connected then they do not give proper results. People should call as many guests as they really want to call, whose blessings are needed by us and the new couple. After coming to our home, guests are our responsibility, it is also our duty. It is not necessary that we are able to give them every facility, but a lovable connection given with respect is the actually demand of the guest.

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    I am against this whole system of expensive marriages. Marriage ceremony should be solmenised in simple way without any pomp and show. But it is not possible to make marriages simple. People have money to make show off either it is boy side or girl side. We need new system for marriages. What is the point of inviting large number of gathering at girls door and give a big burden of hospitality. What is wrong if boy and some close relatives more or less 10 people go to girl's home and perform marriage without any show off. If boy side wants to arrange the gala feast for guest they can arrange who stops them but creating unnecessary burden on the shoulder of girls parents and pressuring to be good hosts for all their gathering is quite ridiculous. But we are bound to follow tradition . Actually, we are not ready to change our system. Dowry is a curse on the face of society. It is still continued. Why the boy is given so much importance in contrast with girl . We need to change this mentality especially young boys and mother and sisters of the boys. All they want dowry and expensive marriage function just to satiate their ego and whims.

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    Marriage - According to our tradition, it is a once in lifetime Sacred Event. Two people who have borne and brought up in two families are starting a new family life. For us, we were lucky enough to have two weddings (son's on October 25 and daughter's on November 14) this pandemic season. Another highlight was that October 25th was our 33rd wedding anniversary, November 13th was my mother's 90th birthday and November 14th was my daughter's groom father's 33rd wedding anniversary.
    As far as we were concerned, we had to invite at least 1000 - 1500 people like relatives and friends. However, in both marriages, only close relatives can attend 50 (due to government restrictions). While it was important to be able to cut costs, the fact that no reunion of family and friends took place ruined the entire joy of a wedding. It turned out to be a sad experience.
    But another advantage is that it is gratifying to be able to regularly attend the 50-60 members who came to the wedding. Having a function with such a small number of people is great flexibility to be able to attend to everyone individually with taking time for who comes.

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    The suggestion of Mr. Dhruba is very good. In the name of the marriage function, huge amounts of money and food items are wasted. In many cases, these expenditures met by obtaining loans to satisfy the ego of the groom and his family. The Government should think seriously to impose heavy taxes on lavish weddings. The Government can earn a good amount of revenue instead of raising the excise duty and VAT on petroleum products.
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