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    Who are the members completed 10 years with ISC and what they learned ?

    This site created 14 years back and some of the senior members are with the channel since the day one and some have joined later and still continuing with their wonderful presence and writing. It will be greatful to know who are those who are active even today and what they learned all through their journey with ISC. For me I joined in 2009 and in these years I have learned how to communicate to almost all the threads and also earned the niche to create new threads at a go. Who are the members completed 10 years with ISC and what they learned ?
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    I joined ISC on 24th March 2011. Just six days left to complete a decade at ISC. My ISC journey was very good with the lovely Web Masters Tony, Jose and Timmy, Managing Editor Vandana, Editors and Members.
    I learned a lot from ISC. I could improve my English writing skill. Learned to discuss issues. Learned to argue well.
    I earned over 50000 rupees. (Small drops makes an ocean)
    "Learn to Earn and Earn to Learn" is a befitting caption for ISC.
    There cannot be any site like ISC in the web world.

    Long live ISC , its staff , ME, Editors and Members.

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    As per my profile, I have joined this site on 6th February 2009. But just I joined but never contributed actively and later discontinued even visiting the site. But from 2016 December, I have become very regular and almost every day I visit this site. I completed 4 years of active journey on this site and 5th year is going on.
    I think I learned many things by spending some time here. I learned from the senior members of this site and also from all the Editors, Lead Editors and Managing Editor. By reading different articles and going through the discussion on the Forum Section and by answering many AE questions I am updating my knowledge in many subjects and it is becoming useful to me elsewhere.
    I am thinking of contributing to the articles section also. But somehow I am becoming lazy. I hope I will continue my journey for some more time here and learn many more new issues and get updated in different areas. I should thank ISC and Webmasters for giving us a platform to learn and at the same time earn some money also. I wish this site should reach new heights in the coming years.

    always confident

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    I joined in 2009 but can not continued continuously due to frequent transferred as my job is an all india transferrable jobs even partially continued till date. I learnt many things from the channel but the channel has changes its quality more than my ability. Hence, I am in learning stage even now. Once I was also earned from AdSense advertisement from ISC and blog which was disable due to violation of policy at ISC (restriction on article submission since 2012) as known from the google. Editor has advised to improve writing skill and continuous contribution to ISC for removal of restriction. I am trying to contribute with my available little time. I want to thank the whole team of the channel for their outstanding contributions and devotion to make the channel success and for future development. Best wishes for India Study Channel.
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    I am a very new member here, and next month April I will complete my 10 months on ISC. I know I have less experience than others but I must say that I have learned many things in these 10 months with ISC. I feel proud to be an active member here. I had no idea about ISC before joining it but when I have started contributing here and I feel glad when ISC also gave value to my contribution. Here I have learned what should be the main qualities of an author. all my senior members, editors, MD, and webmaster are like an ISC family for me. I do not want to spend a single day without contributing here.
    Swati Sharma

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    Swati Sharma you made great impact in these 10 months and aptly understood the working of this site and we are greatful to have you on board.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    There might be some members who had completed 10 years but due to their personal or important engagements elsewhere might had left ISC. It would be good to know about them if anyone has that information. I am still a long way from that milestone and seeing my age and other consideration can only hope and wish to reach that place one day. One thing that I want to share is whether one's journey here is long or short the site is able to make impact on that individual as it has immense push to make people feel and do efforts for improvement and that is what we are missing in other sites. There are thousands of sites where you work for years together but there is no improvement. It is a fact. So in turn, it is our responsibility to contribute our best to upscale this site among the others and inherently our own interest will be suitably met when we adopt an approach like that. All the best. Keep contributing.
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    I joined ISC in 2015. It is 6 years now since I joined. But I am not regularly active. I have my on and off journey in ISC due to some other commitments. But during the time I am active, I thoroughly enjoy what I do and learn many things. ISC, for sure is best to learn many things and to improve our language but one needs constant dedication and commitment.

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