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    Be friends like a needle and a thread

    One day, Nimpy and Dimpy were playing, and suddenly Dimpy fell and started crying. Both go to her Grandma. Grandma asked, why are you crying? Dimpy told Grandma we were playing, but I fell, and my Frock got torn, that is why I am crying. Grandma smiled and said, Do not cry. It is a minor tear. Bring my sewing kit. I will sew it.

    Then Nimpy asked Grandma: Why do you keep the needle and thread together?
    Grandma said: These both are the best friends and always stay together. I will tell you a story.

    Once, there was a girl. She loves stitching very much and had a sewing kit like me. In the sewing kit, she had a needle and a thread. Both the needle and the thread were friends. The needle was very proud, but the thread was very polite. One day, the needle said, I am beautiful and made of steel, and it is tough to break me. I am superior to you and do not want to go along with you. Anyway, you also do not live with me, you always leave me and go along with the clothes. The thread told her that no doubt, you are stiff and bold, but without me, you cannot do your work for which we have made. And, without you, I cannot sew a cloth. But if you want to go, then it will your wish. Then, the needle and the thread became separate. One day, the girl was looking for the needle and thread in her sewing kit as she had to stitch the torn dress of her doll. She quickly searched the thread, but she could not find the needle. After so many efforts, she did not find the needle, and she started crying and went to her mother. Then, the thread was sad to see the girl crying and said to the needle, who was watching silently. Are you now happy? If you were with me, she could find you.

    Then, the needle felt guilty and apologized to the thread. The thread said we are made for each other and cannot live without each other. Then, the needle said, yes, you are right. We are made to work together. Now we will always remain together. My friend, please come to my eye and always live with me.

    Grandma said: Both became best friends, and now people use them as a pair. That was the story of a thread and a needle. The friendship must be like a needle and thread. As both of you are loving sisters, I want you to always live together and love each other like a thread and a needle.

    I used the photo posted by Kamal.
    My entry for the Photo challenge creative writing contest-Part 2
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    The author has well connected the photo contest with a apt heading that gives the great message that friendship is the great bonding and those who sustain long relations with mutual understanding and no misgivings all the way are considered the best friend and they have to behave like thread and the needle which implies that the other is nothing withiout the one. Good friends always waded through the troubled times and also enjoyed in the good times. And a good friend is one who knows all about us and still likes us. Blessed are those who have lasting and very good friendship for forever.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Without thread, the needle can survive. SImiallry without needle thread can also survive. But there is no use of a needle when there is no thread. But the thread can come in handy sometimes for some works even without a needle. But when they are together they can combine the torn pieces into one. That is the advantage. When they are together they can do constructive work.
    The needle is responsible for the friendship between the thread and the torn pieces of cloth But the thread is living together with the cloth for a long.

    always confident

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    Nice story by the author, she explained the value of friendship in human life, by her thread. Whether it is a boy or girl we all need a friend, with whom we can share our thought, feelings, and good or bad experience. A true friend is not only to be with us in all situations but also to guide us. In the relation of friendship, both friends have the same importance as like thread and middle, one can only not work worthy. One should never underestimate his/her friends, who were always with that person in his/her troubles or good moments.

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