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    Alone we can do so little;together we can do so much.

    The two brothers Tej and Harsha are fond of video games. However, they never enjoyed each other's company. They used to play alone. Their father was disappointed by their behaviour as they always fight each other and behaved like enemies. They played video games all day.

    The problem is that there was only one laptop in their home and their father cannot afford another. They have different tastes and liked to play different type of games. So they always fight for the laptop. The younger brother always used to hide the charger so that his brother cannot play for long time. In this way they played alone when they got the chance to grab the laptop. However, their playtime was alone and they never played together. Something was missing for them.

    One day there was a big fight between them and it was so severe that they started cursing and beating each other. Their father was so angry and punished them severely. The punishment was that they should play together without arguing or they are never going to be allowed to play.

    They reluctantly agreed to play together because they don't want to face the punishment. However, as they started playing together they were not so friendly in the beginning. As days passed, they started exploring each other's tastes and enjoyed playing together. They never had to hide the charger or laptop anymore. They played together happily.

    When they grew older, they worked together to develop video games and their games became the best in the market and they were successful in life. So together we can do a lot. The brothers lived happily ever.

    I used photo by Sushma.
    This is my entry for the contest. photo challenge creative writing part 2
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    This type of issues will be coming in many houses where there are two kids and only one item to play with. The elders will have tough times with them. We have to behave very carefully. In this story, the father is able to convince both the brothers by telling them if they don't play together he will not allow any one of them to play on it. Some times the parents should be a little strict on the kids. Otherwise, they will never care for the words of elders and try to create problems.
    Yesterday my granddaughter and my brother's daughter were fighting each other for a small playing toy. It is a toy train running on rails. They don't want to play together. We asked them to play each 30 minutes. Then there is an argument about who should be the first and then they have gone for a toss and then decided the first player.

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    United we stand, divided we fall. The father has given an appropriate warning to them and that brought the result and brought improvement in the manners of these siblings. Children are like that only and they will fight though they will also like each others company. That is the fun they derive from those activities. But when they grow up and become responsible, they work in unison for progress and prosperity. The story has a good message of unity is strength. When we work in a cohesive way with a common objective then only we start moving on a successful path.
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    The author has well done by connecting the photo contest with that a of a very famed proverb which emphasis unity is the strength and that would be result oriented.
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    A very good story. As the author told in this story, it is often found in the children of the family that when they are hurt, such debates between them, especially for games, TV, same toys, etc., are happening for many reasons, and many times The children start cursing each other in anger. But as they get older, they begin to understand that the power they have in being united becomes relatively less in being alone. It is prudent to understand United's power in time. These are children, many times, even after they grow up, brothers get separated by quarreling for money, business, land, etc., and inadvertently distribute the powers.

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    As the title suggests that team work has more weight than individual work. Generally, it is close to truth. It happens that collective effort is more impressive than individual effort but sometimes, team may fail in achieving mission whereas an individual succeeds to achieve his mission. It depends on situations and manner of efforts and several other factors. The story is based on two brothers and their father as mother is nowhere in the picture. Salient features are as follows.
    - Their father is a careless person about their study. He allowed them to play video games all day. Education is essential for them but their father has no interest in their study.
    - They have one laptop and both of them want to play alone which causes disputes between them.
    - Their father should not allow them to play video games at all, instead he should divide their timings of playing and let them play by turn when he is back home.
    - It was due to mismanagement of father they fought and beat each other. It is too bad.
    - They seem to become expert by playing video games that they programmed video games also as a team. It appears to be akin to filmy story.

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