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    Times keep changing like a time in clock

    Sam was known for his lively nature and smiling face. He was always cheerful and happy. He helped people as much as he could and always felt contented. But today he was feeling very depressed. He somehow wanted for the day to get over but he felt the day was longer than before. He did not want to live the moment but there was no option. He tried chatting with his friends to feel light and had is favorite food but nothing brightened his mood. He just wanted to scream and cry but he was afraid to do so for he always felt he becomes weak if he cries.
    As he sat deep in thoughts, his friend Raghu came over to meet Sam. Being his childhood friend, he easily understood that there was something that was bothering Sam and confronted him. Sam broke into tears saying he didn't want to cry but could not control in front of him. His friend calmed him down and asked the reason for his sadness. Sam slowly started opening up to his friend. Sam said that he lost his job due to some layoff's in his company and his salary was on hold. The other company that he was selected had also not released the offer letter and were requesting time for some more days as discussion phase was still going on. Sam told that he was finding it difficult to manage the expenses and take care of his family as soon his saving also will be exhausted.
    Sam's friend listened to him carefully and said let's go out at 9 pm and have a small party so that you feel light. Sam looked at the time on the wall clock and realized it had stopped working. Sam immediately changed a new cell in the clock. He checked the time on his phone which was 6:30 PM and he set the same time on the clock. As Sam placed the clock on the wall and got down, Raghu told this too shall pass and times keep changing. Even though you are stuck at one time now, this time will change and move forward and you will see good times. Sam felt relaxed after talking to his friend and got fresh hopes. They had a nice dinner party and he got back home. 2 days later, Sam received an email from the company he was selected and it contained offer letter. He even got his salary in Final settlement from his old company. Sam realized even if we are stuck at one particular time, it will change and move ahead like the way time started moving forward by using cell in the clock.

    I have used Dhruba's entry "Wall clock and cell"

    This is an entry to the photo challenge contest Photo challenge creative writing contest - Part 2
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    An excellent story from the author. A wall clock requires a cell to move with the time and show us the time. Similarly, we require some energy to face the situation in any given situation. That may be confidence or faith or luck. You may call it with different names. But some force is required for continuing our lives happily.
    Difficulties will not be there always. Similarly, happy times also will be going and times will be changing and testing us. We should face whatever comes in our way and pull on.

    always confident

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    Time is a mysterious entity. It never stops. A watch might stop because of its power source like a battery goes bad. Sometimes we lose in our life and or opes are shattered but we have to console ourselves and have patience and wait for the opportune time to come where we would get what we had dreamt for. It is human nature to feel sad and have set back in adverse conditions but we should remember that after every night there is a sunrise and time always moves ahead to facilitate that. The flow of time brings all the events in its fold and some of them are good also.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has presented a very motivational story that can motive anyone in bad times. Sam was a happy person, still, he can not make him happy at that moment by anything, there are some circumstances that are not under our control, then we should act with patience. One thing is more clear from the story that when we feel lonely we need to share our own problems, our special people can give us good and positive advice in such a situation as Sam's friend gave him. Time is not constant and will not be, in the same way, both good and bad time that comes in our life keeps on coming and passed out.

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