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    Is Maharashtra going for the President rule?

    About a fortnight back a car (Mahendra Scorpio) with gelatine, an explosive material, was found parked on Carmichael Road near industrialist Mukesh Ambani's house 'Antilia' in Mumbai and a Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) team reached the spot immediately. After that the events unfolded very rapidly and the case was given to National Intelligence Agency (NIA) which has nabbed the Maharashtra Police officer Sachin Vaze as the prime accused in the case which also includes an alleged murder of the owner of the Mahendra Scorpio. Maharashtra Govt has immediately removed the Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh from his position and posted in home guard. The reputation of Maharashtra Police has nosedived by this incident and the media is showing it with much excitement. There are so many evidences being collected by the NIA that this is going to be a big case full of mystery and suspense. Media is speculating about the forces which were supporting and pushing a police officer to do such unprecedented bold things. Are you following this case? Do you feel that this may eventually soon lead to President rule in Maharashtra?
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    As per the media reports there are many doubtful and shady things going on in this state for quite some time but until one of the constituents of this three party Govt withdraws its support to the ruling party, it will not be easy for the central Govt to take an action like that. May be with unfolding of more things in this unprecedented and unique shameful case where police itself is being alleged for wrong doing, central Govt might take a view on this.
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    Still, many facts have to come out. Interestingly Sachin Vaze is the investigation officer in this case before it was given to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). This will make us get more and more doubts about the functioning of the police. Many facts have to come out and we have to wait and see.
    However, I don't think the Central government will go for such a decision immediately. If they do that again it will become a political issue and the State government will say the entire episode is planned by the central government to remove their government in the state I feel.

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    The Maharashtra government had handed over Ambani bomb scare case to the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). Just after that, the case was handed over to the NIA by the Central Government. The Union Home Ministry handed over this case to NIA without informing the Maharashtra state government. There is nothing wrong with Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray suspecting that there is some mystery in this.
    The Central Government is abusing the Central Investigation Agency to destabilize the state governments.

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    Though the above case seems to be mystery and challenging for the enforcing agencies to solve and crack the actual motive of such incident that happened. it may not be that case to bring President rule in Maharastra. No doubt the Maharastra police has been on recieving end due to Palghar incident, and the action taken on Kangana Ranaut office demolition by Municipal and Police not protecting her properties have come for rave comments. And now the bomb found near Mukesh Ambani residence cannot be squarely blamed on the police inefficiency still the govt has taken action and transferred the top police cop, Unless and until there is a big law and order issue and the state govt failed to act in accordance with law and procedure, the central govt cannot bring in the President rule as opined by the author.
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    The question coming now is how the police of a state can do so many things without the knowledge of the state Govt?
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    Umesh please understand that the present govt in Maharastra is mix of three parties and every party has the say in daily administration and probably police need to listen them and caught off guard.
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    I cannot understand why the author is expecting President's Rule in Maharashtra. If one police officer is involved in a supposedly wrong act, can the President suspend the elected Government and impose the President's Rule in the State? The National Investigation Agency, and the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad are investigating three cases related to the bomb scare about 1.4 km from the house of Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The case is under investigation. Does the author have any information that connects the Maharashtra Government with this incident?
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    Umesh, why President's Rule? Just because a police officer is involved? Is it sufficient ground to impose President's Rule in a state? I doubt. Let us not forget that the Shiv Sena and BJP were allies. I don't think I need to explain more.

    l totally agree with Sobha at #725902. The strategy by the BJP is well evident.

    And tell me why Mukesh Ambani need to be targetted? Just because he is sponsoring the centre? We have not heard such wailings from these present countrymen when Smt Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were assassinated. Let us, for the sake of democracy, be prudent and logical.

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    As per the news it seems that the whole case is now under NIA and the murder of Mansukh Hiren (the owner of scorpio car) is also now under NIA. More things are unfolding and just now as per Times of India the Ex Police Commissioner has also alleged that Maharashtra Home Minister had asked Rs 100 crore from him every month. So, if these news are confirmed, more things will be coming out about this mysterious case.
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    Since the division happened after more than 30 years long partnership or friendship between BJP and Shiv Sena and later on how BJP formed government and collapsed immediately BJP in Maharashtra is longing for coming back in power but since three main groups which belong to different ideologies just for the sake of eeping BJP away from forming government in the state came together and are staying intact together . I don't see any possibility of President rule in the state.
    State government handed the case to ATS but central government handed this case to NIA. Udhav Thakre CM has put question marks on NIA and has asked what is their investigation report about other incidents like patahan kot .
    Media is very much interested in this case . Why they are so much interested ?
    Faranvis is active to raise questions on the state governments. He placed evidences as if all these evidences were given to him by any law enforcement agencies. Some journalists have raised questions on it too.
    Let the investigation be completed and the real picture will come out. Just wait and watch.

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    One has to wait and watch the investigation going on by the NIA. Coming to the premature conclusion that President's Rule may be imposed in Maharashtra is hasty and looks suspicious also. It gives an impression that something is cooking. The BJP is desperate to create trouble for the alliance and so far it is unsuccessful. This case raises many questions. Why the Top Cop has raised the corruption charges against the Home Minister at this time also poses many questions.
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    Changing the number plates of some cars to avoid their identification and currency note counting machine found in one of the cars and entry of these cars in Police Commissioner's office number of times without entering in gate register all appear like a suspense and mystery movie.
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    As per the news the police officer arrested by NIA is having property, business, and assets of more than Rs 5000 crores. Enquiry is further going on.
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    The arrested police officer having huge assets is not surprising. The officer in question was under suspension for about 20 years. From what I gathered on the internet, the suspended officer utilized the suspension period very profitably by establishing some business ventures which were successful. The officer during the suspension period seems to have gained very good computer knowledge.
    Leaving all these things apart, the author has not answered the reasons for his premature assumption that Maharashtra may come under President Rule. I am sure some desperate elements are trying to topple the Maharashtra Government by bringing a rift in the alliance.

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    The letter of Parambir Singh alleging the state Home Minister is another development and meanwhile as per the NIA findings there is more to come out and after that only some decision will be there for taking action against the culprits whoever they are.
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    The letter of Mr. Param Bir Singh is already one day old. Still, I do not find any connection between the arrest of one police officer in the Mr. Ambani bomb scare case and the letter of the transferred Police commissioner with President Rule in Maharashtra. The Congress party has already alleged that the BJP is behind the letter of the Police Commissioner. Mr Sharad Pawar also requested an enquiry and action against the Police Commissioner who alleged corruption charges against the Home Minister of Gujarat.
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