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    Right use of right things in life

    "Where is page number five and six? A single sheet having pages five and six is missing."The boss shouted at his personal assistant. The PA responded that he would check it up with the typist. The boss shouted again and said, "Didn't you go through the pages before putting up to me? The PA said, "Sorry sir, I had a look at the pages, but did not see the page numbers. The boss said, "Okay, Get me the pages five and six quickly. The PA went to the typist and enquired about the missing pages. The typist confirmed that pages five and six were there when he pinned the pages with a paper pin. The PA said, "The pages are not there now. It is missing. We should investigate the missing pages. It contains important information. The pages contain quotation for a contract. Somebody could have stolen the pages. Do you suspect someone who could have stolen the pages? The typist said, " Yes. I suspect a guy who carried the document to you. I saw him talking to a outside guy after returning from your room.

    The boss ordered a board of enquiry to find the facts about the missing pages. The board found Mr.Lallu the peon was the culprit who has stolen the pages and handed over to the rival company and received one lakh from for the favour. During the enquiry the typist was asked as to why he did not use the stapler, but used the paper pin? The typist said that the stapler pin was not available then, hence used a paper pin. Due to the usage of a simple paper pin, it was very easy for the peon to steal the pages leaving no trace of removal of pages. If it was stapled, it would have been difficult for the peon to remove the pages.

    On the recommendation of the board, the boss dismissed the peon from service and suspended the typist for six months for not using the stapler. He asked the PA to procure a dozen of staplers and stapler pins for use. He ordered that paper pins should not be seen in the office except the stapler and stapler pins. And ordered that important documents should be carried personally by the concerning typist or clerk, and peons are not to be used for carrying documents.

    Story based on the photo of Ved Prakash
    This is my photo creative story writing contest entry.
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    The author has penned down a out of box content connecting the photo contest but what has been shared is the reality and the mistakes do happen in the office. Invariably the loose papers kept on the table get messed up if not pinned or stapled properly. What I have seen in my office and other work places that the stapler does not contain the pins and the document is left out without staple and the usage of pin some times spoil the important documents like property deed etc. The other day I had taken a property paper for doing xerox and the shop owner was not having the stapler pins and thus gave the loose papers. On reaching the place I found one paper was missing. Actually he made upside down arrangement and the paper was there amidst so many copies. Here the author has implied the importance of stapling the papers.
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    Very interesting story by the author. It has also highlighted a fact that sometimes some employees do such mischief supplying the data to other companies for a sum of money and harm their own company. It means the people at supervisory levels should monitor the things going on in office and keep a strict vigil and if they find any suspicious activity then they should immediately inform the management so that the person can be punished at an earliest opportunity before he does any real harm to the organisation. For confidential and sensitive information we should not depend on the lower staff.
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    The narration has brought out the working of the people in some organisation and how some of the people make money by selling the confidential information to outside agencies which take business advantage out of it. The boss will definitely be furious about that and what he was thinking in the beginning as a small mistake finally emerged as the anti organisational activity for which dismissal is the only punishment. The management has always a challenge in that form as how to keep a watch on such employees who are dishonest to such levels that they are cheating with their own organisation which is giving them their bread and butter.
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    In a company in Hyderabad, a manager in the marketing department was getting money from other companies and this man is revealing the secrets of the company like the prices quoted by the company etc. It is just a doubt only. Then the top management engaged somebody to investigate and come out with the facts. Finally, it was proved that he was involved in such practices and enmassed money. Immediately he was removed from the services. After reading this story I remembered that incident and hence shared it with you.
    No doubt using stapler pins are much better than using normal clips. But when such an important issue was there in the papers, the typist might have kept those papers in a sealed cover and handed over to the peon or he himself might have personally handed over the papers to PA. The management has taken the correct action on the typist. A good narration by the author

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    It is really a very disturbing trend when the employees of the companies are involved in passing sensetive papers to the rivals for some money and their disdeeds remain secret for years. This comes to the forefront in one fine day and the entire loss of the company for their nefarious design of work cannot be quantified. Though they are awarded punishment for their connivance with the other companies. We can see numerous flaws in the office culture such as pinning up papers wrongly, absence of some of vital sheets, not properly strapped etc giving rise to room of corruption. The solution lies in keeping up the vital papers in the almirahs of the boss and frequent rotations of the office staffs from the sensitive areas to plug the corruption.

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    Most hilarious character of this story is the boss. The story narrated by the author carries a scene of an office. But some points are quite pleasant to note down.
    - The boss is a stupid. He shouts at his staff.
    - Generally, PA types secret documents but he seems to be careless and gave his work to clerk nor he noticed how many pages were pinned up.
    - The Typist said that he knew the person who carried the paper to PA. Who was he ? Was he peon ? If yes then what is the point in saying this. If it was an outsider then why he carried these papers to PA. Moreover, why did PA enquire of him who he was.
    - I have to come to know a big secret if papers are stapled then the peon could not separate them but because of being pinned up they were separated easily ?
    - The boss has no power to suspend or terminate even a peon ? What type of boss he is ?
    - The poor Typist was suspended for using pin ? What a big mistake ? 6 months suspension is for using pin ?
    - Where is store in charge who didnot purchase stapler pins ? Why was he not suspended?
    - The whole office seems to be a circus

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    You are absolutely right to say that the boss was stupid. There are many organizations that are managed by stupid bosses who doesn't know anything about management.

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    At this juncture I want to add that generally every office or establishment has some good working practices. If the employees follow that then there are less chances of mistakes to happen. But many employees are lazy and just to save one trip to the nearby cabin or room, they spoil a work significantly. So the inherent carelessness is the major cause of such havocs and the smart and quick supporting staff take advantage of it and do some pilferage or loss to the organisation. Boss has to be vigilant in such matters and make a habit of taking rounds of office without prior warning and that helps in keeping the fear and brings discipline.
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