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    Work as a pair or perish

    The date is 18-03-2021. Time 8.00 pm. Only four hours to write for the photo contest. It should be creative. Not possible for me. How can I be creative, when I am not? Yesterday, I wanted to write on the laptop and adapter. Already one member connected the laptop and adapter very creatively. Better go to sleep than breaking my head to write something creatively connecting a quartz wall clock and battery which is the only choice for me. Deciding so, I went happily to sleep.

    In the middle of my sleep, I heard two voices speaking in low tones. My sleep got disturbed and in the dark of the room concentrated on what those two voices are talking about. From the conversation, I recognized those two voices belong to the Ajanta quartz clock and the battery in my bedroom. They are quarreling with each other. I got up from the bed and switched on the light. There they are on the wall. The clock is stuck at 6.30 and the battery out of its compartment. I asked them what is the matter? They wanted me to decide which of them is great? The quartz clock said I have a gear arrangement, a microchip circuit, and a tiny crystal in my system which oscillates at 32768 times per second and generates one electric pulse per second. This pulse will drive a small electric motor that turns the gear wheels to rotate the hours, minutes, and seconds hands that show the correct time which all of you follow to plan your activities. So I am greater than this battery. I asked the battery, what is your greatness? The battery said, it is true that the quartz clock is having a fine mechanism to show the accurate time, but it requires power to oscillate and drive the gear mechanism. I supply the power for it to be functional. So I am great because the clock cannot function without me. After listening to them, I said, both of you are great but it is only possible if you function together. If you don't work together both of you are useless. Then I shouted, either your pair and work properly or I will throw both of you into the dustbin. The next moment the battery disappeared into its compartment and the stuck clock started working as usual. This how they came to become a pair and a useful wallclock for me. I went to sleep again and in the morning the wall clock is set to the correct time.

    The photo used is of Mr.Dhruba.
    This is my entry for the photo contest Photo challenge creative writing contest - Part 2
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    The author has chosen a wonderful heading connecting to the photo contest but the same can be interpreted in different ways. My thoughts went to the old Tamil folk song which goes like this " aadi padi velai seithal alupu irukadhu adhil anum pennum sera vittal azahagu irukadhu" meaning a task can be completed with humming a song with ease and if the task was not completed without a partner that may not go well. That is why during the sowing of seed, plantation and even during the harvesting, the villagers keep on singing song and others would also join and thus the task of completing the work would be timely and with precision. One thing is sure that human being is not a machine to work when the switch is put on on. We need break and entertainment to pep up ourselves and that is stressed here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very interesting narration by the author. Battery alone cannot provide time and clock is useless without the battery. But when they are united and work together then they become the most important gadget in the house. The story has brought out the working in unison in the beat of the way for the common objective of providing the time to the customers that is the family members who are using the clock for that purpose only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This is a good example of team building. In our house or in our workplace we sometimes fight and quarrel with each other to prove our individual worth and in that confrontation totally forget that individually we are nothing and can give some concrete output only when we do work as a team. Individually we are worthless however a person feel himself intelligent and knowledgeable. A very knowledgeable person is useless to the organisation, society, and the nation if he cannot work in a team whether as a participant or leading it. In modern management education team building is a very important aspect taught all over the world.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I appreciate the author for his good creation about the wall clock in which he explained how teamwork is important. He explained that two minus one is not one but it is zero. That is true. Always when we work together we achieve very good results. Even everything is alright with the clock if there is no battery the clock will not be useful to us. The same is the case with battery also. They require each other to work and give the desired output.
    always confident

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