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    Cleanliness without a broom and a dustpan is a myth

    'Ding Dong', the doorbell rings, on hearing so, Shubhra opens the door. Her son Sandip is at the door, and seeing his mother, he exultantly shows his trophy, which he has received as the Head Captain of the Blue House that got adjudged as the Best House for sanitation. Shubhra smiles and kisses her son's forehead and instantly gets transported to her school days some thirty-five years back.

    Sandip notices that his mum is not her usual self and seems to be in another state of mind. He enquires about it then his mother smilingly says that history repeats itself. Her son fails to understand it, which the mother could easily observe. Shubhra asks Sandip to freshen up quickly, and then while he would have his food, she will explain everything in details. Sandip makes no fuss about it, and because of his curiosity, he quickly freshens up and sits for his lunch at the dining table.

    Shubhra sits on another chair next to her son's and softly asks him what has he learned from winning the trophy for sanitation. Being too young, he has taken the win very casually. He replies gushingly that his House has won, which makes him immensely happy. His mother quietly tells him achievement should not be a matter of momentary happiness but must act as a lifelong lesson. Sandip stops eating and stares inquisitively at his mother. She enquires from her son that why she is so particular about keeping the home clean. Sandip gives a vacant look to his mother.

    Shubhra travels back to that time when she was in tenth. She was the Head Captain of the Green House, which received the best House award for sanitation. She further added that every class had four Houses. Each week a particular House was responsible for cleaning the school. The teachers were in-charge of inspection, and they allotted points. Ultimate winning House was annually declared based on the total points of the whole year. Pauses for a while, she then continues that as the Head Captain, she had learnt a lot. About discipline, co-ordination, handling the various challenges, and also about the importance of sanitation.

    Sandip reacted sweetly by uttering, 'same pinch', Mom. Shubhra smilingly said, 'thank you,' Son. You know, she says, children learn from home and school both because they spend most of the time in these places. My family emphasized a lot about cleaning and my school too in a fun-filled competitive touch. You are going through the same phase, isn't it, son? Sandip nodded affirmatively.

    The proverb, 'cleanliness is next to godliness' emphasizes keeping every place spick and span, utters Shubhra. Sandip, you see a pair of things, which we usually put in hiding, are essential items to tidy any place. Yes, Mom, said Sandip, the set of a broomstick and a dustpan has no match. The mother and son duo gratefully exclaims that cleanliness drive would go for a toss without the pair of a broomstick and a dustpan.

    Selected the photo by Neeru Bhatt

    Entry to the photo challenge contest part 2
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    The author has chosen a wonderful thought provoking heading for the photo challenge contest and in deed the content was different to interpret and arrive at the inclusive meaning. Normally the cleanliness happens with the broom and dust pan, and that is the traditional method we have been following. The modern machines of cleaning is available, it is the fact that total cleanliness can be possible with the broom and the dust pan. Even in the big railway station the big machines are being deployed to remove the garbage and other items striven on the platform but Invariably one finds that the cleaning was not proper and the special attendant need to clean the same with broom and the dust pan. The author has emphasized the the same in this content submission and that also fits into the normal thinking of happening.
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    Broom and dustpan are the very essential items in our house and we cannot manage without them even for a day. Being a housewife, I can very well visualise the importance of these items in our household and we use them on a regular way. Though there are nowadays so many modern gadgets available for keeping the household clean and shining but these two items are there, since long, facilitating us in the upkeep of our houses.
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    I remember during my childhood we had some brooms got from the village which were very cheap but were working alright. But we did not have any dustpan at that time. May be it was available in the market but we did not have many things like that in our household and we were surviving on the minimal facilities. So at that time we used to pick up the cardboards which were generally thrown outside of the cloth shops and everyday some cloth was fully sold and the cardboard inside was rejected. So that cardboard was very useful for making charts, school projects, and also used as a dustpan in the houses like ours. It was a most sought item and sometimes if you are late to pick it up from the shop doors then you did not get it as someone else might had already collected that. Anyway there is no doubt that broom and dustpan form a cohesive team performing the cleanliness work in our households.
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    A good story from the author. Recently my brother purchased a cleaning machine. We have to feed the time at what we want the machine to clean the area. On the first day, we have to manually make the machine go round the entire area where it has to clean every day. It is a robot. Every day exactly at the same time the machine starts cleaning the area and then wipe with a white cloth also. They need not clean the floor daily with a broom. But my brother's wife cleans their Pooja room using a broom and a dustpan. This is an example which proves that the heading of the story is correct.
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    Broom and dustpan are the two essential components required for cleaning purpose. There is a substitute for the same with the cleaning machine but that is expensive and it may not render service to that level. Handling with the broom does not take much time if managed by a proficient worker. Dustpan can remove the traces of impurities remaining in the floors.

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    The author is given a nice story and beautifully connected it with a photo contest. This is true that the Combination of the broom and dustpan has always been useful, in every house, cleanliness enhances the beauty of the house, and broom and dustpan are important for this beauty. There are many more electronic machine or item in the market that is used for cleanliness, but no match with this old couple, which was used in every house for a long long time. Every morning, women or sometimes men also use the broom to clean the courtyard, this is still in our culture to clean the courtyard very first in the morning.

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    The selected story is focussed on importance of cleanliness . In this story two characters are shown. One is a student and second is his 50 years old mother. The boy comes back from school. He as the head captain of his blue house wins a trophy for cleanliness in the school . When he shows trophy to his mother she is pleased but all of a sudden she gets nostalgic. She begins to think about 35 years back into past when she was a student of a school and captain of her green house. She also won a trophy. But she teaches a lesson that this trophy should be cherished for ever.
    But she says that she keeps her home clean because she won her trophy. If she had not won any trophy then- would she not keep her home clean?

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    I think you have not read the story properly. I had not mentioned that just because of winning the trophy, the mother learnt to keep her home clean. I wrote, Shubhra's family and school both taught her the value of cleanliness. I would request you to read the story once again.


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