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    Temple or mosque, the speaker should not be used

    In the wake of Karnataka govt banning the use of speaker at the mosques from 10 pm to 6 am a controversy has been erupted as to why the speaker be used at the Temples or mosques, during any festivities or the daily rituals which is disturbing the patients and students preparing for the exams. It is the fact that the daily faiths or the de votees know the proceedings happening inside and the speaker should not be used. In most of the temples the speaker is on with loud sound and the decibel is more and disturbing and that must be avoided.
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    The rules made for the nation should be honoured by all who are the citizens of that country. The basic mistake is there when the various regimes time to time for appeasing to a community make some relations which become a right for that community in future. Whichever religion is it, there should not be any relaxation. In our area, a few years back some illegal temples and mosques were demolished. The authorities did not distinguish between them and as per the land record demolished all those in 1-2 days time. There was no uproar by the public because there was no distinction. I had read in the news earlier that Supreme Court had already given a verdict that loud speakers should not be used in any religious place, still people are doing that and Govt is not able to ban it.
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    This is a very old problem and people give many logics and reasoning for doing this but the fact is that it is going on and as some religious leaders are adamant about it and that is why this is a perpetual problem. This is not the only problem due to religious beliefs. There are many like that in many religions worldwide. Whenever we link any religion to state policies then these ambiguities arise and if we look back in the history most of the wars fought by different communities were due to these aberrations. If someone is adamant on some religious matter and is ready to do conflicts with the national policies then this is a type of cancer which cannot be cured by any medicine and it will finish the whole society one day just like a deadly poison spreading in the body. Worldwide many conflicts are arising because of these stubbornnesses. Is there a solution?
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    These speakers are very disturbing. In my native place around our house, there are 4 places of worship. All four places are having their own speakers. Sometimes all the four speakers will be in use ar the same time and they will disturb the people staying around. Almost all the days at least for 3 or 4 hours people will experience the problem. This type of issue may be happening in many places. I don't know how to stop them. If we say anything against it will become a serious issue. It is better to ban using speakers in places of worship and other public places
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    All faiths do have access to their praying place even without inviting then why the speakers.
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    The speaker of Temples and Mosques are only announcing the prayer times and their celebrations. In those days the people are living nearby temples and mere temple bell was enough to call them for prayer.

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    The time has changed a lot now, now the people are so busy that people are praying according to their time and convenience and there is nothing wrong with that because the direct relationship of the praying is to connect themselves to God and not to formality so that when Praise then when the time is right. In such a situation, there is no need to tell the time of prayer in the speakers to temples or other religious places. There is definitely a certain time in the Muslim community and people themselves know that time even if there is no announcement in the speaker even then they are aware that it is time for namaz. Once I saw a gentleman praying Namaz on the train, apparently, he did not know, from any speaker that it was time for the Namaz but he did so with his reverence and punctuality.
    I find this decision appropriate because everyone has become very disturbed by the noise caused by the programs of worship or events. Our God listens to the voice of ours soul, for which no speaker is needed.

    Swati Sharma

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    Loud speakers are really a nuisance in the places of worship. They don't allow us to worship peacefully. Since the time the sound technology was improved, religious places and people started using amplifiers to amplify their voice and noise. As rightly said by Pattabi, in the olden days, people lived in a small area and could reach the places without any announcement, but in this populated world, it is not possible. But an announcement is not necessary to call the devotees by using loud speakers. All devotees should act on their own. Playing devotional music on temple festive days is a great nuisance from early morning to late night. Usage of loud speakers by the Mosque is a greatest nuisance that I don't like at all. Temples and churches make noise within their area. I recommend that the use of amplifiers in religious places and private parties should be totally banned.
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    I ageee to this decision that no loudspeakers will be allowed between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Loud speakers at night disturb people. Moreover, their loud sound causes noise pollution which is harmful for patients especially heart patient. I can not tolerate loud sound. Often I come across any marriage which function where music is played on pitch volume . I stay away from such functions. These places are horrible for me. There is nothing wrong if religious rituals are also performed without using loud speakers . Some people may object on it that it is the contravention of their religious freedom. I don't think that any religious rituals can't be performed without the use of loudspeakers . I think all people who belong to different religions and cult and perform religious practices as per their religious teachings should cooperate with the law enforcement agencies. They should realise it that no religion teaches to disturb people or create any problem for them. Moreover, following religious teachings is the personal matter of people and they should feel it sincerely that your religious practices are not applicable to other people.
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