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    Looking inwards is a must for every human being

    As human beings, each of us has several strengths and weaknesses as well. Each of these variables increases or decreases in terms of intensity at some point in time. Words and body language are extremely important. Anger is something that is common to any human being but controlling that is extremely important.

    When we look around us, we often find that those with a higher percentage of knowledge about themselves are more composed, are very cool and act very fast in any crisis situation. They are often referred to as people who are "self-confident". In other words, they are those who also have a great deal of self-awareness.

    Such self-awareness does not come within a day. It comes after several days and months of reflection and thought. The awareness starts increasing when we start analysing what impact we have on others and how. For example, if we are consistent in keeping up our promises and are highly punctual in our daily lives, we would have created a good I pression on every human being we interact with. If we are consistently very honest, we would create for ourselves a big peace of mind and inner happiness that will also find expressions in our behaviour that will be noticed by others.

    Let us make a beginning in this big journey. It is great to maintain a dairy of what went right or wrong. When we look back and recollect those specific experiences, we will have managed to do the first right thing; a deeper analysis will reveal what we need to correct, when, where and how.

    It is a continuous process.
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    Introspection and self assessment is as important a process as the observing of the things outside us. It is definitely a continuous process. At each step of our journey in our lives we have to check for accuracy and precision. That has to be done and if it is not there it is to be inculcated using certain tools and methods. Keeping a diary is one such method. Many people keep jotted point cards in their pocket. Some make a daily assessment of activities and all these are useful in understanding the status as on today and efforts required for the future attainments.
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    One should have a correct assessment of himself. We should know what are our strong points and where we require support from others. We should also know where we have to improve. Once we know this we should think of improving ourselves in the areas required.
    Sometimes without understanding our abilities we will go with overconfidence and we may have to taste failures in such situations. At least after failure we should have introspection and know what are modifications required in our way of work. This attitude will give us more chances for improvement.

    always confident

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    I totally agree with the author. Self awareness and confidence is a continuous process and a journey for every individual. This process also differ according to the individual. Some take time in self discovery while other may be able to do it at a early stage. However, it's never that this process of discovery and awareness stops at a point of time in life, we find something at every stage. To keep the enthusiasm up on this journey we need to keep on learning new things then only we will be able to discover new things within ourselves. Everyone has a different journey and they should embrace their journey.
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    The author has written about positive aspect of human character but at end of the thread he returned to his favourite stance and revealed something ambiguously.
    I agree with the author that people of chafactertics and qualities mentioned in the post are real people. They are self confident and calm. Their decision making power is amazing. They take things easily and sort out their issues amicably. But this quality is found in every person even in them who are considered as fool even in a child, however level of these qualities may differ.
    As human beings we need to be positive about our responsibilities. We should keep our promises fulfilled . We should not treat ourselves as a common man who doesn't fulfil his promise if other person doesn't keep his word. We need to be better human beings in terms of behaviour, interaction with people , manners. We have to extend our hand to support others it steels humanity in us and strengthen ties with other fellow humans.

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